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Global Business Intelligence is an established family run business that offers a complete marketing and intelligence solution, creating lasting relationships between our focused network of professionals from around the world and your organisation.

Our unique end-user driven marketing solution continues to work for you through events, online content and intelligence reports, ensuring that the benefits you receive are continuous and not limited to just the two day event.

Global Business Intelligence prides itself on creating an ethical working environment to support your business development. We offset the Carbon emissions created by the Event and make various donations to charities.




Global Business Intelligence is a family run business with family values. Our senior management team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in events, marketing and multimedia. We value our staff and work with each client to find an account manager that can deal with your bespoke solution.


Featuring Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Connect

Global Business Intelligence organises closed-door committees for leaders from multinational enterprises. We have leveraged our global community to create a world-class platform of end-user driven academia to help executives make the right decisions for their organisations.

These events will discuss the top trends taking place not in the future but right now and how different professionals will utilise technology, process, leadership to gain a competitive advantage in 2019. The gatherings are held globally and feature over 120 professionals creating a dynamic, agile mix of thought leadership, and best practice strategies.


Keynote Presentations

Solo end-user presentations supported by media that use case studies and learning objectives to convey best practice methodologies and strategies.


Interactive Roundtables

One presenter ignites a conversation on a niche topic that is disruptive among all attendees. 8-10 members per round-table. A great interactive format to ask very specific questions and collaborate.


Panel Discussions

3-5 end users who debate the impact of a specific role, technology or process. Questions from the audience are encouraged.


Exhibition Booth Space

The opportunity to meet, discuss & solve potential issues in your organisation with some of the most advanced technology service providers in the industry (US Event Feature only).


Gala Dinner

Your time to relax, network and let us treat you with a VIP experience. Dinners are often accompanied by live music, special presentations and other entertainment.


A Choice of Event Formats to Suit your Needs


GBI Institutes

Held in collaboration with leading academic institutions, including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, our world-class Institutes offer you a unique opportunity to engage with C-level executives at the highest level, alongside academics and global business leaders who are driving technological innovation and business transformation.


Networking Retreats

Combining keynotes and interactive workshops with extended opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and relaxation, GBI retreats enable you to foster deeper business understanding and relationships.


City Summits

These regional and sector specific events bring busy enterprise executives, thought-leaders and vendors together for a highly concentrated day of best-practice sharing and networking in order to facilitate smarter, faster decision making.

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