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10 New Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

10 New Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

7th Nov 2018



My Top 10 Favorite New Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (iPaaS) Summer Release Features

Informatica and our customers share a common vision of an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that can support any integration pattern, any user, and any type of data. For example, Grant Thornton, one of the leading organizations providing assurance, tax and advisory services, is building out an iPaaS that is flexible, scalable, and agile enough to support a changing business landscape as they look to introduce new products and services that improve customer experience.


Integration is one of Grant Thornton’s top priorities and they recognize that in a multi-cloud and hybrid world they need an iPaaS that rapidly integrates between on-premises and cloud and cloud to cloud. This is where Informatica’s iPaaS shines as it’s built on a modern micro-services based architecture powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Because it is unified, modular, and secure, Grant Thornton is achieving their vision by having started their journey to cloud data management with Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Integration Hub.


To further advance our vision and that of our customers for a next-gen intelligent iPaaS, we are excited to announce Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) Summer release. The new Summer release delivers significant updates as it relates to supporting multi-cloud ecosystems, expanding integration patterns, and delivering a hybrid integration platform optimized for global deployments. I’d like to share with you my top 10 favorite updates:

  1. Rapidly on-boarding and migrating data to data warehouses and data lakes with mass ingestion and changed data capture (CDC) enhancements and advanced data warehousing features such as SQL Override, Partitioning, and Pushdown.

  2. Seamless enterprise data warehouse data migration with the CLAIRETM engine delivers recommendations on Microsoft Azure and integrated discovery and load for rapid analytics modernization.

  3. The broadest and best performance connectivity. We added 22 new high performance connectors and 45 significant updates across all the major ecosystems such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Adobe, Snowflake, and more

  4. Making it easier for customers to adopt and deploy IICS for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure with flexible business models such as PAYG and BYOL along with quick ways to get started

  5. Intelligent Cloud Services integrated experience with Apigee for comprehensive API management that supports APIs for any application, any data, volume, velocity, and any user

  6. Improvements in productivity and real-time data processing for application integration and API management such as guides for interactive access to data and automation, and enhancements to the API Developer Portal

  7. Accelerate B2B integrations with rapid on-boarding of partner data with AI-powered data recognition, out-of-the-box support for EDI and EDIFACT, and multiple deployment options (e.g. Cloud, on-premises, hybrid)

  8. Cloud Integration Hub capabilities for real-time processing such as pub/sub support for REST APIs and Kafka.

  9. Operational Insights now delivers predictive insights for hybrid deployments that include PowerCenter and Big Data Management, more infrastructure alert monitoring, and CLAIRE projections for capacity planning

  10. Secure, performant, and resilient global infrastructure support now with a POD in Australia and Japanese localization


This all sounds like a lot to report in terms of new features but to sum things up, Informatica with the Summer release has made it much easier for customers to adopt and expand their iPaaS deployments in a constantly changing global, multi-cloud, and hybrid world. To learn more, I hope you can join us for the Informatica’s virtual launch event on September 6.


Informatica will be present at our CIO Event in One Great George Street on November 15th 2018. To learn more, contact GB Intelligence on 01633 749520 or at 


To learn about other events like this, visit here

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