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3 Ways Water Management is Getting Smarter

3 Ways Water Management is Getting Smarter


Clearwater Technology

Water is a vital component in so many industries. From heating to cooling to process water and beyond, ensuring water is managed sustainably, efficiently, cost-effectively and in-line with compliance is of the utmost importance.

As these demands continue to intensify, the roles of building and facilities managers is becoming increasingly challenging. Across an expansive range of industries, building and facilities managers will be asking how to overcome today’s water management challenges.

Fortunately, the water treatment industry has been hard at work developing smart solutions that help to overcome today’s water management challenges.

Here are three solutions that are proving popular with Clearwater customers when it comes to implementing smarter ways to manage water.

1. Solid Chemical Dosing 

What is solid chemical dosing?

Cooling towers, condensers, steam boilers, and closed loop water systems rely on chemical dosing to reduce corrosion, scale and biological fouling, extending the life of plant equipment. The traditional approach to chemical dosing lacks precision, making it challenging to dose water systems with the right volumes of the chemicals required.

Until recently liquid chemical blends have been supplied in plastic drums that can weigh up to 200kg. This has made chemical dosing a laborious and hazardous process that creates a substantial amount of waste plastic. Transportation and storage of the liquid chemical can also be costly.

Clearwater’s SolidFX solid chemical dosing system is the latest development in chemical dosing and provides a simpler, safer alternative that is more precise and cost-effective compared to liquid chemical dosing. Chemical blends are supplied in lightweight solid discs that are simply inserted into the SolidFX system, providing greater protection for water systems.

Read more about SolidFX.

2. Improved Water Purity

Water purity is essential to preventing the build-up of microorganisms and bio-fouling within water systems in domestic, drinking and process water systems, but how can water purity be guaranteed?

There are various different methods of achieving water purity but Chlorine Dioxide (ClO 2 ) is widely considered to be the superior biocide. Clearwater’s Pureox 3500 ClO 2 generator system provides a higher level of water purity while improving safety, reducing cost and making water related compliance easier to manage

From disinfection and sterilisation to food processing, drinking water, domestic hygiene and cooling towers to process water, waste-water treatment, bleaching and colour removal, Pureox 3500 provides a greater level of purity in any water system where controlling temperature or unwanted microbial activity is an ongoing challenge.

Read more about Pureox 3500.

3. PTSA Tagging

The ongoing fight against scale and corrosion in cooling tower systems can now be eased with PTSA traced cooling tower inhibitors.

Inhibitor chemical programmes typically rely on water meter impulses to deliver chemicals into the water system. Cooling tower inhibitors that use PTSA fluorescent tracer technology maximise the level of control over inhibitor levels. This makes it easier to prevent overdosing while improving plant longevity and generating direct cost savings, ensuring the right chemical volume is consistently dosed into the water system.

What impacts will PTSA tagging have on your water system?

Clearwater’s own PTSA tagging systems provide consistent quality in make-up water, reduce process contaminants and high organic loading and prevent airborne contaminants from being drawn into the system.

Read more about PTSA Traced Liquid Inhibitors.

When considering smart water solutions for your business or its customers, its important to ensure the provider can demonstrate an understanding of the business’ unique requirements and can provide a bespoke solution tailored to those specific requirements.

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