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6 Big Startup Winners during COVID-19 Outbreak

6 Big Startup Winners during COVID-19 Outbreak


6 Big Startup Winners during COVID-19 Outbreak

It was recently announced that in May the UK government will be launching what has been termed the ‘Future Fund’, a £250m fund designed to aid UK startup companies affected by the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns here and across the world. Companies who meet the criteria will receive payments between £125,000 and £5 million dependent on industry and size.


While the outbreak has affected us all, small setups just beginning to get off the ground or in the first few years of existence are either experiencing particularly difficult times as they try to carve out a name for themselves in crowded markets, or thriving in new markets due to modern digitised ways of working in sectors still high priority in these uncertain times. Here are the 6 big startup winners during the COVID-19 outbreak.


1) Doctor on demand apps

It can be difficult to see a doctor at the best of times, however with the outbreak of coronavirus hitting every corner of the globe hospitals and surgeries all around have become inundated with patients, some showing symptoms, some not and some who still require medical assistance for pre-existing conditions. So much so that people are being advised to stay away unless absolutely necessary.


Therefore, if you have small symptoms, or fear you may have another condition, the increase in Doctor on demand apps can be the relief you need. Drawing on years of experience, simply identify your symptoms and the app can identify possible causes and courses of action or treatment without having to see a professional face-to-face, saving time and avoiding risks to all parties involved.


2) Smart robot makers

Since the turn of the century automation has been one of the biggest growing markets in the world, improving lives, speeding up processes and taking over the menial tasks that would take humans months and completing them sometimes in minutes. And in these times when human interaction is discouraged and offices are being scaled back, these smart machines are able to chug along as normal keeping companies going.


As well as the common technologies, smart robots have recently been deployed in hospitals and care homes to relieve the strain on medical personnel, keep buildings running and provide support and reassurance to those in difficult situations that they are being taken care off and have the best chance of recovery.


3) Remote meet-up solutions

Now that almost every office in the world that can be closed indefinitely has been, remote working has become increasingly important to keep businesses running as smoothly as possible and to remain relevant in the post-outbreak world. And one of the main barriers with remote working is communication. Staying in contact often and getting messages across is important to keep everyone on track. As a result, video conferencing has skyrocketed in recent weeks.


The most common systems like Hangouts, Zoom, House Party and RingCentral have all seen their accounts and usage increase in the last month, but the market is much wider than that as new meet-up solutions can potentially provide more and carve out their own niche in an effort to increase business.


4) Biotech businesses

In the world of biotech, all projects have effectively been put on hold in an effort to create vaccines to combat the coronavirus as cases and deaths from the disease continue to grow each day and millions of people remain afraid and confined to their homes. The situation has therefore given many biotech startups the opportunity to contribute to the most sought after solution in the world today.


As well as the hard work and dedication needed for testing and trials, providing the right real time data and analytics needed to steer people in the right direction is also a key challenge, as well as the distribution of important supplies and tools to help those tested positive and the medical professionals in place to treat them.


5) Trading Fintechs 

As the world economy continues to struggle as global markets try to recover from the falls in the first quarter of 2020, retail trading apps are seeing a major increase in activity as the uncertainty which haunts some provides opportunities for others. Short term opportunities maybe, but in these times, that can be seen as a big win.


6) Streaming services

When all is said and done, work is complete and we sit down in the evenings to relax, while many of us would like to do more refined things like read books, go for walks or take up new hobbies, many of us will want to simply sit back, relax and watch something on TV. As a result, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and the recently launched Disney+ are seeing big numbers in usage.


The wide variety of choice on all platforms and their competitive prices have always been enticing and are seen as the next evolution following on from DVDs and Blu Rays, and with millions of people being advised to stay home to avoid cross infections, like it or not, TV is becoming more important for people to escape the horrors of the outside world.


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