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6 Key Digital Leadership Skills

6 Key Digital Leadership Skills


6 Key Digital Leadership Skills

The idea of leadership has been around for centuries, having the qualities and attributes to be able to galvanise a group of people towards a common goal while making everyone feel included and like they have achieved something. Digital on the other hand is a relatively new thing and with the outbreak of COVID-19, combining these two things to make them work for your business has come crucial. 


While some companies have already begun or completed their digital transformation journey and are well placed to weather the storm, others may be less prepared and may not be struggling to work out what next steps to take. So having the courage to take the reins and steer the course is needed and to aid this, here are 6 key digital leadership skills.


1) It’s about people, not the bells and whistles

When you think of digital and the possibilities available to you, it can be easy to get too wrapped up in the tasks and interesting projects you are a part of. In actuality though, it’s more important to concentrate on the people in your team and helping them adapt to the new ways of working.


Some may be more hesitant to change their ways than others, some may not be as confident working with tools and processes they are not familiar with and it may take time to get everyone to the same level. It is important that everyone is included and feels valued to make your digital journey as smooth as possible.


2) What’s good for your team could also help others

While you are learning new skills along your journey, while making sure your team members are getting to grips with it, it is also good to think about how these skills would benefit others. In effect you are all on the same team and hiding what you know could slow others down as you work towards a common goal. Regularly update others of what you found useful or difficult to create a strong level of collaboration and find ways for yourselves and others to benefit and grow.


3) Considering adding rather than changing

Depending on your current company strategy and processes, a complete overhaul and change to your strategy could actually be a bad move. It is important to understand how your current journey is proceeding to know how to improve it. In some cases, simply adding or integrating digital processes and technologies can help to serve and shape business and artistic strategies without too much retooling.


4) Be prepared to test and fail

No one is perfect, but it is key that the team is given the confidence and backing to test new things and make changes. Know what budget you have to work with, understand what is required and trial embedding these new digital technologies, remembering to be agile in your approach to make things work the best they can for your business.


5) Know your customer

Even with higher sophisticated systems as digital, to make it succeed there has to be a need. Understanding your customer and what they are looking for is the key to any project and researching ways to provide this service can help decide the best way forward. And again, no one gets it right all the time, so it is important to take any feedback constructively to help you re-evaluate the situation.


6) Bring the board along on the journey

Results may not come immediately, which can leave some teams and boards considering whether or not this journey is worth the time, money and effort. Being able to tell a story and make people buy into the premise, even if the successful experiments are small in scale, can give you, your team and the board confidence that you are on the right path and give you the freedom to work towards your goals.


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