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Herman Miller furniture cast for top roles

Herman Miller furniture cast for top roles


Wendy Allen, marketing and communications at MJF Office

Guess what these films or TV hits have in common?

•    James Bond’s Casino Royale 
•    Blockbuster Pitch Perfect 2 
•    Hugh Laurie’s House 

That’s right, they all used the Herman Miller Aeron chair to star in their shows.

Big hit Hollywood films and mainstream TV shows have found the aesthetic looks and practical comfort of Herman Miller furniture to be an integral part of their on-set design. 

Some of the world’s favourite films love to showcase practical, stylish and healthy office furniture from Herman Miller.  For example, the top model Aeron shown in M’s office in Casino Royale with its polished aluminium base and graphite frame to the Eames Executive chair chosen for the romantic comedy, The Holiday.


Even the hit TV show House, used many Herman Miller products including:

•    Eames Lounge Chair in the office 
•    Aeron Chair for guests
•    Eames Plywood Chairs for guests



Another hit TV show, Mad Men uses Herman Miller furniture in a whole new way. The production team wanted a period feel to the show, so added 1950’s Herman Miller products to the set. The show’s production team was in regular contact with those at Herman Miller to figure out what one of their chairs would have looked like at the time. Period detail was vital to the show’s producer, where they used such products as:

•    Eames Time Life Chair
•    Aluminium Group Chair



Back in time
An advertisement that Herman Miller created way back in 1956 headlined ‘Living room in your office’ said:
"An office isn’t just an office. It’s a conference room, a living room, and a library too. The furniture, therefore, must be as flexible as the functions it performs."

This comment suits Mad Men perfectly, where work is not just work for those characters in the show, it’s their whole environment that creates the MadMen atmosphere.

From Hollywood blockbusters to hit TV shows, it’s clear that Herman Miller furniture outperforms better than the rest.



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Wendy Allen, marketing and communications at MJF Office discusses, Herman Miller furniture cast for top roles.

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