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How important is an ergonomic work environment…

How important is an ergonomic work environment…


Wendy Allen, marketing and communications at MJF Office


How important is an ergonomic work environment… and what does ergonomic mean anyway?

The majority of the modern day workforce sits at a desk. But have you stopped to think about the implications of how a chair can affect your posture and back health?

In the UK around 70% of the workforce do not meet standard requirements for exercise. As we now know, how you sit can add a great strain to your back. 


Ergonomics  is the new Big Thing

Research has shown, sitting for a long time can have long-term health effects on your body. Musculoskeletal injuries, in particular, are common from repeated sitting. The science of designing the workplace - ergonomics, keeps in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Ergonomics has been implemented in many work-spaces to reduce back strain risks.  

Three ergonomic risk factors:

  • repetitive task repetition

  • forceful exertions

  • repetitive sustained awkward postures

As these long-term office environment health effects can cause a problem, it’s become clear that we all need to take steps to reduce these risks.

Some basic ideas that employers can implement are job rotation and counteractive stretch breaks, which ensure more movement during the day and less time in the same position.

Without an ergonomic plan, workers are left fatigued, frustrated and hurting. Simple ergonomic improvements can increase not only health but productivity, quality and efficiency of workers.

Make your ergonomic plan

Start to take some carefully recommended ergonomic steps to ensure better worker safety and health:

  • armrests

  • adjustable seat height

  • ability to recline a chair

  • footrest

  • comfortable chair material


We’ve all heard of healthy eating – now it’s healthy seating too!


Benefits to using ergonomic chairs include:

  • support your posture

  • more comfort

  • reduced risk of neck problems

  • reduced risk of back pain

  • make working easier

In terms of employees, it’s important to sit upright, take regular breaks and maintain a neutral sitting position.

Don’t stand for it. Don’t sit for it either!

With an ever-increasing number of the workforce sitting all day long, it’s imperative that companies follow these ergonomic recommendations, in order to have healthier and happier employees.

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Wendy Allen is a blogger and marketing consultant for MJF Office, with an interest and enthusiasm for inspirational office furniture, design, planning and fit-out solutions.

Background: JWT, DMB&B, Saatchi Direct, Planet Coms Ltd.


Wendy Allen, marketing and communications at MJF Office ask How important is an ergonomic work environment… and what does ergonomic mean anyway?



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