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Becoming Future Capable

Becoming Future Capable

1st Mar 2018


Trevor Didcock, Former easyJet CIO, now Non-Exec Director and Board Advisor - Affinity Water and Leading Resolutions


How CIOs can help their organisations prepare for the future

There has never been a more exciting time to be a CIO. The maturing of digital business models and technologies has required CIOs to shift from a traditional role of ensuring the organisation’s IT systems are secure and fit for purpose, to being on the front line when it comes to developing strategic responses to commercial and operational challenges and opportunities.

Positioned at the intersection of new business models and ground-breaking emerging technologies, CIOs are extraordinarily well placed to lead state-of-the-art customer facing product and service development. Small wonder that many of us now have a seat at the board in a growing number of organisations.

That said, the pressures on CIOs are massive. Increasingly relied on to enable business objectives and drive innovation, our ongoing responsibilities of running and maintaining systems, including countering an escalating number of cyber threats, remain core expectations.
My interactive boardroom discussion at the CIO Event on 27 March (13.50pm) aims to explore how CIOs can balance their day-to-day responsibilities to develop and drive IT strategy with the need to lead and champion digital-led change in the organisation as a whole. 

Becoming future capable essentially means being ready for whatever the future may throw at you. From a CIO point of view, this typically means helping our businesses to consider and select emerging technologies to explore, stimulating a culture of innovation, experimentation and continuous learning. It also means underpinning business strategy with rapid, flawless execution. From an overall business perspective, it frequently involves helping the Board to integrate data driven business models into an already dynamic and pressurised core business in order to deliver the value propositions demanded by today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

In this facilitated workshop, we will be exploring the transition that CIOs need to make to enable them to pivot between these different roles and leverage their technological expertise to deliver maximum value. We will discuss how CIOs should drive future capability in their organisations and the business understanding and empathy they require in order to authentically lead a successful digital agenda. The workshop draws on issues arising from my own experience at easyJet, the AA, HomeServe and RAC, where I oversaw extensive digital transformation, in each case being part of an executive board that averaged double digit percentage annual profit growth.  

Key take-aways

These will take the form of pooled insight from the workshop attendees, fed back in real time, together with a toolkit to apply when driving future capability in your organisation, covering:

  1. The role of the CIO in delivering future capability
  2. Understanding the impact of future capability on the rest of the business
  3. Tools and methods to help CIOs with the task

To learn more, sign up for my boardroom session: How can CIOs help their businesses become future capable?  13.50pm - 14.30pm at the CIO Event at Said Business School, Oxford University on 27 March. Please note that session spaces are limited. Click here for more details. 


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