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Blueliv: Security From The Outside In

Blueliv: Security From The Outside In


The proliferation of cybercrime in recent years has been keeping the business owners up at night (or at least it should be). From international crime syndicates to script kiddies trying their chances, threat actors can attack organizations with varying levels of knowledge, weaponry and sophistication. Enterprises must therefore build deep defences with multiple layers for protection, detection, and reaction – before, during, and after an attack.  


Cyber threat intelligence offers enterprises security from the outside in. It gives CISOs crucial context around attack indicators and allows analysts to react to threats and remediate quickly. 


Good cyber threat intelligence is like putting a spy in the enemy’s camp, feeding back qualified, contextualized information to build stronger defences around the business.


There is no single measure or technology that can achieve total defence, so organizations need to put in place different complementary solutions to minimize both risk and impact. Proactive threat monitoring improves resilience in many ways, but the key is to use fresh, actionable intelligence to eliminate blind spots in the threat landscape. Monitoring should also go far beyond the standard or even deep web and include the dark web too.


Targeted intelligence helps detect your weak points before they can be exploited, allowing you to bolster your security posture where necessary. They also accelerate your orchestration capabilities, and as a result enhance incident response teams’ management of a critical situation. 


But how should you choose the intelligence your business actually needs? Threat intel has evolved from general information open to analysis, into a manually generated, report-centric service that uses human analysts to identify specific threats. 


Security teams are plagued by information overload from a huge variety of security systems and sources. On one hand, this information is very fragmented and needs to be processed to make it meaningful. On the other, security teams are held back by false positives and alerts, dealing with too much data that is neither relevant nor actionable when it reaches them. 


As a result, it is difficult to both prioritize threats and respond effectively in a timely manner. Anticipating threats, responding to alerts or investigating incidents demand considerable resource, not to mention talent, both of which are usually in short supply across the industry.


Blueliv has a solution to this. Backed up by an elite in-house analyst team, our technology provides highly targeted, automated and actionable threat intelligence to organizations, greatly accelerating decision-making processes before, during and after an attack. We have the broadest ecosystem of threat sources in the industry so we can provide continuous, dynamic intelligence in close to real time. 


Our flagship product, Threat Compass, is fully modular and automated, using customer information to identify closely targeted threats. This modular architecture allows customers to address individual use cases, breaking down the broad problem of external threats into more addressable projects. Automation provides speed and scale so customers get fresh information, not aged reports. This build-your-own, pay-as-you-need model (rather than a one-size-fits-all proposition) helps organizations reduce the noise and access only relevant information to detect, monitor and remediate threats.


We believe the fight against cybercrime is a collaborative effort, and to build the most effective defenses, organizations must share intelligence as openly as possible: a hivemind of cybersecurity professionals fighting the bad guys is infinitely better than siloing ourselves. We seek new collaborative models, with the ultimate goal of socializing cybersecurity. New partnerships, technical alliances and initiatives like the Threat Exchange Network (currently with more than 3,000 security and law enforcement professionals and academics) so that threat intelligence can be a central hub where experts, vendors and peers can collaborate to fight cybercrime more effectively.


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