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Building a Digital Culture

Building a Digital Culture


Steve Miller, CIO- Park Group

In 2017, digital analyst Brian Solis and Capgemini produced a study that showed how cultural issues are seen as the number one barrier to digital transformation.  Today, most CIOs will absolutely tell you that the right culture is a critical first step to delivering benefits through technological innovation. 


Having the right culture – not only to enable change but to embrace it and embed it in an organisation’s very DNA – has become a critical feature of modern business, particularly for those aiming to make digital transformation a whole organisation experience.


At Park Group we’re right in the middle of this journey. We have a technology vision centred on creating a culture that enables change, that celebrates it and allows us to reap maximum benefit from it.


Delivering our Strategic Plan at PACE

Our Strategic Plan for the company is based on four pillars – Productivity, Appeal, Clarity, and Experience (PACE).

Technology enables and interweaves through each and every one of these pillars, and we are challenging ourselves and evolving all we do to ensure that, going forward, we are an organisation anchored on digital. Doing so brings opportunities for cultural change at every level of our business, and we see getting the culture right as the accelerator in delivering the plan.


It means that our productivity is far more efficient and effective – driving the right type of value back to the business, ensuring an ethos of collaboration and helping us to create new fit-for-the-future skills, capabilities, platforms and resources that help us compete in our market and recruit and retain the best talent. A big part of this will be our new fit for purpose offices in Liverpool city centre.


It offers us significant new capacity and opportunities for growth, enabling us to offer new products and services to appeal to demand in new and, as yet, untapped, demographics and markets.


It means our customer journeys – their experience of using Park Group’s products and services – are seamless and simplified. We’re aiming for best-in-class, and that will mean happier customers, translating to better engagement; happier staff; better retention (of both customers and employees) and, in time, more people wanting to see what the Park success story is all about. 

Digital business is a listening business

A key to our success so far has been to listen. To listen to our customers, our market, our insights, and to our own internal and external expertise. Then it’s about not being afraid to take that feedback, explore alternatives, and if necessary, to kick over existing perceived wisdom.


At Park, we don’t have the luxury of large teams, but we do have agility, expertise, and a capability to deploy that in a smart way where we ask the right questions and listen properly to the answers. We recognise that modern digital business is a full team (as well as a full contact!) sport.


And having everyone engaged is critical because getting the right balance of energy and resource focused on the daily challenges of sustain, optimise, transform and innovate is the only way to do this at pace – a virtuous cycle of tech enabling culture enabling tech, with which we deliver the results (and avoid the danger of transformation fatigue!)


At Park we have many challenges, but I really believe we’re ahead of the curve in many ways - new leadership team, new strategy, new city centre location; a lot of positive disruption. For the Technology team it’s a time of great excitement as we lead the charge on the business transformation. Some people say the job of a CIO – or Tech teams in general – is to change the wheels while the car is in motion. I’d agree. Our job is to be at the forefront of the company’s evolution – to help create a culture through technology that understands, values and embraces change.


We have the desire, we’re creating the culture and we’re delivering the technology not only to maintain our success story here at Park Group, but to create a bolder, braver, better future for all our customers and partners.

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