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CIO Berlin Digital Ecosystems Discussion

CIO Berlin Digital Ecosystems Discussion


Frank Kemper, CTO at Daimler Mobility Services / Maciej Buba, Digital Director of Pizza Hut

Gartner defines a digital ecosystem is “an interdependent group of enterprises, people and/or things that share standardised digital platforms for a mutually beneficial purpose, such as commercial gain, innovation or common interest. Digital ecosystems enable you to interact with customers, partners, adjacent industries and even your competition.”


At our upcoming CIO Europe event at Hotel Bristol Berlin, we are delighted to welcome two speakers from well known organisations who will be sharing the way they are developing and implementing digital ecosystems. 


Frank Kemper, CTO at Daimler Mobility Services will be describing how he is ‘Developing Digital Service Ecosystems in the Home of a Premium Car Manufacturer.’ 


‘Automobile manufacturers are increasingly advertising services based on connected vehicles. Most of these innovative services evolved with the idea of a digital vehicle access. This challenges our customers just as much as it challenges us as a traditional automobile manufacturer. Product development has to be fast, improvement even faster and they both come along with operations and sustainable business requirements. 


‘We at Daimler Mobility Services develop intelligent digital services for the various Daimler brands and their customers with the philosophy towards service ecosystems. How do we do this & where will this journey take us?’


Meanwhile, Maciej Buba, Digital Director of Pizza Hut, part of the Amrest umbrella will give the audience his take on ‘Developing A Highly Scalable Digital Ecosystem for Multiple Brands in Multiple Countries.’


Maciej’s presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the Food Delivery market they work in: ‘discussing the competition we face, our company promise and challenges, many of which we will share with Daimler, others which will be very different, but all aim to achieve the same things; customer experience & satisfaction and lifetime value.’


While both company’s focus is on providing a similar product and have similar goals, given the different industries they work in and the clientele, there are also clear differences in their techniques and procedures.


Frank agrees that they ‘are similar in that we have to sell our customers a complete digital experience. We come from an assumption however that we are a car manufacturer but rather than selling the car, we are selling the services as part of it and the complete digital ecosystem around those cars.’ Furthermore, he believes that ‘there may be differences in the way we understand and use the platforms; for us it’s basically buying for delivery, for Daimler it may be used for something different like configuring a car.’


Maciej sees major differences however in ‘the scale in terms of number of customers at the same time.’ Amrest aim for hundreds of thousands of orders being processed at the same time whereas for Daimler, it may be a lot less but the experience much longer. 


Both are keen to create a system that is easy for customers to use to encourage and enhance repeat business and brand loyalty, but the ways they achieve this may be very different. 


There will be areas where both Frank and Maciej will agree, but importantly, areas where they can learn from each other, and things they may never have considered until now.


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