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Corporate RE Leading Workplace Transformtion

Corporate RE Leading Workplace Transformtion


Taken from FMP Celtic Manor Event, October 11th 2018

A Strategic Approach to Corporate Real Estate Leading Workplace Transformation

Steve Harris, Global Corporate Real Estate Director - Diageo plc

Strategic Corporate Real Estate Journey

It was only five years ago that we really started to change our structure.


  • Property & Facilities Management
  • Reactive Service provider
  • Cost focused
  • Limited performance measurement

I came into the role two years ago with a record of change management, leadership and strategy. Deloitte came into our organisation about five years ago and gave us the basic foundation and structure to put in place.


  • Create new strategy- What are we trying to achieve? What is our purpose?
  • Develop a global workplace vision along with our suppliers and providers
  • Transform the workplace- What are we trying to achieve?
  • Singapore pilot


  • CRE is a strategic advantage
  • Employee experience- attracting talent
  • Value generator- not just cost related
  • Leading metrics
  • Powerful benchmarks

Corporate Real Estate 5 Year Strategy

Keep it simple and provide everyone with an identity that can associate with and emphasise that we are not just a service provider.

Customer Experience

Purpose- To provide the conditions that enable employees to do the best work of their lives

Goal- Service Delivery Excellence- key to what we do

Goal- Transform Workplace- creating an environment for people to do the best work they can

Value Generation

Mission- To deliver exceptional customer experience whilst generating value

Goal- Portfolio Footprint Optimisation- Using the space wisely

Goal- Extend IFM Model

Enables to Leverage

  • Data Analytics & Technology
  • CRES Led Integrated Network- We want to lead a better workplace
  • Strategic Partnerships- Stakeholders & 3rd Parties- Not being adversarial
  • Productivity & Innovation- What is the new technology that can help you?
  • People, Capability & Talent

Global Vision for the Future Workplace

The Blend of Spaces

  • Make Spaces- Previously, we didn’t sell Diageo very well to our customers. Bring the outside in to see what we do as an organisation
  • Do Spaces- What is appropriate for people to work better?
  • Experience Spaces- Every main office we have has a bar and Thursdays are set aside to get staff together and enjoy a drink together
  • Co-Working Spaces- Using the metrics to reduce space and optimise what is left
  • Our Network of Places- We are lagging in terms of technology, but it is a big opportunity for us

In the future, we will not do just one thing at work. It’s not just about sitting at a desk, going to meetings, checking your emails, staring at screens. It’s about people not pixels.  It’s about a spread of activities and a range of experiences. It’s about engaging with all parts of the business, living and experiencing our brands.


Where we work should be a blend of spaces. Spaces where our products are made and experienced, spaces to bring people together, for learning, for doing, for collaborating, for socialising.

The Singapore Office- Transforming the Workplace


  • Rentable Area- from 3250 square metres to 1580 square metres (with the same number of people)
  • Space per Occupant- from 15 square metres to 8.3 square metres
  • Number of Work Points- from 221 to 235
  • Total Operating Costs- 48% Reduction


Employee Reactions

‘I genuinely feel  proud to come into work and come into the space. When I walk through the office doors in the morning  my shoulders are higher. It is a beautiful workspace.’


‘This new office environment is a major draw card to strengthen our employer branding and to attract candidates. Whenever I bring external vendors and candidates into the office they are ‘Wowed’ by the space and cannot believe it is an office.’


‘I love the concept that on any day I can choose where I sit according to how I feel – so if I want to be quiet and reflective I chose to work in the library area,  or if I want a more lively setting I can work in the living room that feels like a café setting or the studio area – the great thing is the freedom to choose every day and throughout the day…’


‘As I work in brand teams and marketing I feel the work environment inspires my work by bringing in elements of the external environment and integrating everyday beautiful objects into the space which really helps me with inspiration and creativity. It is like having a live 3D mood board from which I can draw my inspiration!’


‘Very positive and open environment a lot of liveliness – feel like there is more space than the old office despite it being smaller in the actual square footage. The space is alive, I am facing people, not walls as there are no barriers. This fosters an openness amongst people. We are all physically more active working in this space rather than staying in the one spot at a fixed desk all day in the office.’


‘The bar, it is a great place to bring your friends and family, it is a good place to relax after work and catch up with your colleagues  at the end of the day – it’s my favourite place – I can work and play in the bar area!’


To see Diageo’s Singapore Office- click the link here:

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