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Cutting through the noise

Cutting through the noise


ISG plc

ISG is a dynamic global construction services company. Our people are dedicated to delivering places that help people and businesses thrive and being tech led is a key driver on our projects.

At one of our recently completed projects in London, revolutionary change drove a new initiative of completing our own internal acoustic testing before practical completion. The aim of this was to take a driving seat in understanding the unique space acoustically and be on the front foot in reporting acoustic performance, and in driving any remedial works as client changes.

Completing the testing before handing the project over enabled the team to verify that the project was fully complete to the highest standard, further supporting our goal to provide the best customer experience in our industry. The entire office space was tested and the team looked at three types of measurement. The first was background services, such as the noise of any fan coil units or air-handling units (AHUs) in the ceiling void. Next, the team looked at sound readings across partitions, evaluating noise transmission levels on either side of partitions. And lastly, the team looked at sound reverberation, measuring noise absorbency within larger meeting rooms on hard surfaces, which can result in an echoic effect somewhat like public announcements at a major train terminus.

Steve Makris, Divisional Director at ISG, comments: “Our ability to deliver reliable acoustic performance to any office should be second nature to us. It's a crucial element to any successful office environment and our clients should have trust in their chosen contractor to deliver this reliably. The industry has stood still and we have not learnt from the same old lessons. Project teams rely too much on desktop studies and sample testing, which inadvertently leaves areas with uncertainty, and discovery is typically too late, leaving our clients underwhelmed. Let's change this!”

Delivering acoustic testing offers us a story to tell and adds value to the service we offer. It is a great example of our teams finding innovative ways to help us to deliver exceptional client service.

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