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Cyber Awareness Month- How threats affect you

Cyber Awareness Month- How threats affect you

Cyber Security Awareness Month, October 2019 Part 2

Around the world, October 2019 is recognised as Cyber Security Awareness Month. And so throughout the month of October we will be providing information about the different types of threat, how they can affect you and what we as individuals and companies can do to combat this growing issue.


How threats affect you

As more data goes online everyday, the ammunition for cyber threat actors to attack also grows, which is also not helped by the number of devices a person will have going into the IoT, such as TVs, mobile phones, cars and appliances within their homes. And so the risk of being attacked is higher than ever.


These attacks can come in the form of blackmail of money or information from individuals and businesses. You may be aware of these from reading about instances of them, or you may have first hand experience.1 


1) Themes for Cyber Security Awareness Month, Government of Canada


To read more about the negative impacts of cyber attacks, click the link to an article from researchers at Oxford University published here.

To read more about the impact of cyber attacks on your business, click the link to an article from NI Business Info published here.


And check back again next Tuesday for 'Part 3- How to protect yourself.'

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