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Data Challenges in the Hotel Industry

Data Challenges in the Hotel Industry


Lee Clark, Head of Data and Analytics, Atlas Hotels

I have spent the majority of my working life in the Hotel Industry transitioning from Operations, via Revenue Management and for the last 10 years in Data and Analytics.


Although the hotels we operate at Atlas Hotels are backed by large recognised brands, in my experience the availability of big data in a digestible format is time consuming and difficult, often spread across multiple systems and requires much manipulation to get into a using format.


The second part of the challenge is then sharing this data with people whose primary skillset is more focussed on customer service or organisational skills.


Hotel operations is a lot more complicated than you may think and our shop window is moving more and more online for Sales, Guest Satisfaction monitoring and also marketing.


Our consumers expect technology as a basic, gone on their days when you could charge for access to the Internet and pay movies died a death a long time ago. But ultimately our hotels still offer a service and as much as Technology it is one of primary focusses to provide human interaction and a great experience for every guest who stays with us.


*The views expressed in this blog are the views of Lee Clark, Head of Data and Analytics, Atlas Hotels and do not reflect the views of Atlas Hotels or any of its affiliates.

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