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Domain A: Building a better digital experience P1

Domain A: Building a better digital experience P1


Taken from our Ascot CIO Event, October 12th 2017

Helping people manage their health and healthcare

Alan Morgans, Delivery Director, NHS Digital

Digital transformation in government

  • GDS eased the stranglehold of legacy SI technology
  • Shorter contracts, insourcing, modernise
  • DbD Standard and spend controls
  • Digital Exemplar programme - simple user journeys
  • Some underpinning business change
  • DVSA MOT service was the first ‘full’ transformation
  • Healthcare not engaged at outset

Complexity of transformation in healthcare

  • Diverse & significant user base
  • Diverse user need within that group
  • Emotional needs not just compliance/transaction
  • Healthcare system adoption and business change
  • Local vs regional vs national
  • Make place-based & national services co-exist

Domain A - Patient Power Programmes

  1. NHS.UK & NHS Online
  2. Personal Health Record
  3. Citizen Identity
  4. Health Apps & Wearables
  5. Widening Digital Participation
  6. NHS Wi-Fi


Transforming the NHS Choices website into a multi-channel, transactional digital platform; contextualised to the needs of users, connecting disparate services into coherent, efficient digital user journeys.

NHS Online

Meeting 8 ministerial challenges for transactional services on web and mobile

Health Apps Assessment and Uptake

A framework to assess and recommend wearable technologies and digital applications

Widening Digital Participation

Reaching the 6 million who are not online and the 12 million with low digital literacy to provide skills that help them benefit from digital NHS services


Free wireless access across health and care to allow the public to take control of their care while moving through the system

Reducing pressure on frontline- Online triage

Integrating NHS.UK with NHS111 and the wider market, to create a new online channel patients can use to access the most appropriate service

NHS Choices is an important, trusted live service

  • NHS Choices shares its content with 800 partners, including over 250 NHS organisations, Boots, Mumsnet, Axa, EMIS & Microsoft
  • 48 million visits per month
  • Approximately 200,000 people per year have taken up running as a result of the information & support available from NHS Choices (>5x the number of people who run the London marathon)

So why ‘transform’?

  • Evolving Business needs
  • New User needs – our traffic is now mobile centric. Users expect to transact digitally
  • Align with data strategy – data insights (local & population)
  • Digital services need to evolve to keep up
  • Our services have to do more things for more people, without service interruption

NHS Online challenges - transactions


  • 111 (generic & referencing PHR data)
  • PHR (Primary & full/multiple)
  • Appointment booking (improve POL & more slots)
  • Also manage referrals (via ERS)
  • Repeat prescriptions (EPS)
  • Data sharing preferences
  • Organ donation preferences
  • End of life preferences
  • Personalised Apps (referencing PHR data)


  • Ministerial challenges (Expo)
  • Regional & local commissioning
  • Web Services (consistency, scale, security, performance)
  • Hybrid (web & native app)
  • Standards – design, tech, security


  • What we design & build, we also operate & improve
  • Stakeholders and clinicians involved from outset
  • Users first – research to understand user needs
  • Take insights from data (place & population based)
  • Service Design – from the outset
  • Prioritise non-functional as well as functional
  • Measure, iterate and improve what is delivered


  • Clear, credible strategy and delivery operating model
  • Scaled agile methodology
  • Work with the right delivery partners
  • Key artefacts - product roadmap, programme & team backlogs, delivery portfolio plan, spend tracker
  • Product decides what gets done
  • Delivery decides how it gets done and does it
  • Product accepts what’s been done
  • Clinicians involved throughout
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Domain A: Building a better digital experience P2 CIO 04
Domain A: Building a better digital experience P2

Taken from our Ascot CIO Event, October 12th 2017

Digital Leadership CIO 02
Digital Leadership

Taken from our Ascot CIO Event, October 12th 2017

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