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Don’t Settle for Less

Don’t Settle for Less


Taken from our NYC CMO Event, June 2017

Don’t Settle for Less: Improve Your Digital Media Efforts Overnight

Matt Martella, Conversant

“If you alway do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Albert Einstein

Digital v Traditional Media

Average hours a day


Digital- 5.09 hours

TV/Radio/Print- 6.22 hours



Digital- 5.56 hours (Increasing)

TV/Radio/Print- 5.49 hours (Decreasing)

Ad Spend


Digital- $55 billion

TV- $69 billion



Digital- $89 billion (13.2% growth YoY)

TV- $72 billion (2% growth YoY)

Marketer Priorities

  • Integrate the consumer experience across digital and devices
  • Create more scalable audiences
  • Improve ID/recognition

84%- Associating conversion event with marketing

76%- Tailoring messaging by channel

75%- Understanding customer behavior over time

74%- Matching customers across multiple devices

Solving Marketer Problems

  • Poor match & reach rates
  • Solving Marketer Problems
  • Small audiences that don’t scale or persist
  • Cookies & segments; not true people-based marketing
  • Cross-device challenges
  • Limited profile knowledge & dynamic creative
  • Inefficient media buying
  • Inaccurate measurement; poor insights & reporting

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in.” Ronald Reagan

Why Are You Settling For Less?

Your ad technology is suboptimal. The “experts” you rely on are misleading you. The way you measure success is inaccurate.

Disrupting the Industry Standard

Data Onboarder - Device Matching - DMP - Dynamic Creative - DSP - Attribution

Integrated Approach- 1:1 Marketing at Scale

Recognition & Reach - Individualised Profiles - Decisioning & Delivery - Measurements & Insights

Recognition & Reach

Across All Devices

Cookie - Browser - Device - Person - Household



19 cookies per person

3.4 devices per person

56% will change phones

Customers & Prospects at Scale

Start with 12M


Recognition (Initial Match Rate)= 73% Matched (8.8M)

Reach (Seen on Publisher in Last 90 days)= 66% (5.8M)

Accuracy (Verified People)= 95% (5.5M)

Persistence (Connection Through Cookie Deletion)= 80% (4.4M)

Individualized Profiles

Create One View

  • What I Buy- Online & Offline Purchases
  • Where I Go- Location & Proximity Intel
  • What Media I Consume- Publishers, Videos, Devices
  • Media Served- Display, Mobile, Video, Social, Email, Direct Mail
  • Funnel Activity- Prospect, Loyal, Lapsed, Site, Store
  • Cross-channel Marketing Data- Email, Catalog, Direct Mail, Loyalty Activity & Beyond

Decisioning & Delivery

How Is Real Time Defined?

Measured in Milliseconds

ID- Ad Quality- Value- Auction- Dynamic Delivery


How Large is Your Reach Across Publishers?

Top Analysts

Forrester & Gartner

Top Ad Agencies (Based on Media Spend)

Carat, Horizon Media, Mediavest/Stark, Initiative, OMD, Mindshare, ID Media, Starcom, Tapestry, ZenithOptimedia, Mediacom, Hearts & Science, Havas, Universal McCann, phd, Mec


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker

Measurement & Insights

Follow What Matters

Chasing the Wrong Metrics (Clicks, Impressions, Attribution models)

Flawed Methodology

  • Last touch gives all credit to the last action.
  • Reliance on cookies; no cross-device understanding.
  • Missing the offline view.
  • Inability to measure incremental impact.

Focused Incremental Revenue

Control Group- a Brand Neutral Ad (receives public service announcement messaging)= brings 3.6% unique conversations


Test Group- Receives a personalised ad= brings 4.2% unique conversations

Incremental Lift= 17%


A Fragmented Funnel Shrinks Customer Retention. An Integrated Funnel Grows Customer Valu

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You’re Only Doing Email Half Right

Taken from our US CMO Event, March 2017

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London CMO 2018 - What is CMO Event?

London CMO 2018 - What is CMO Event?

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