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Growing Concern over Large Scale Cyber Attacks

Growing Concern over Large Scale Cyber Attacks

Growing Concern over Large Scale Cyber Attacks

You read stories about attackers taking over the camera in a child’s room or a crime ring attacking the power grid. These are actual attacks that have happened and can take place. We are just beginning to see societally the importance of cyber security to our overall security.


It’s not longer domain that happens online and only in the digital life. Now we are starting to see that cyber attacks can have real implications to our physical lives.


One of the questions on people’s minds is ‘why are we seeing so many attacks?’ There are a few drivers behind that; one is that it is a proliferation of technology into our day-to-day lives in our personal lives, in our companies and in the government sector.


The second is that cyber attackers are finding ways to make money. You do have activists for example, but a lot of it tends to be financially motivated which is driving criminal groups to come at the problem in very different ways.


Some examples would be, if we think about travel safety, often we think about going through baggage security and scanning, but airports actually have a tremendous amount of information technology infrastructure upon which they operate.


Attackers can find ways in, likely through phishing and social engineering and disrupt the operations of an airport, which raises a lot of questions around safety of travel.


One of the other kinds of attacks, the possibility or potential of an attack on the power grid could disrupt our ability to deliver electricity and power to large portions of a different grid, such as the entire East Coast of the United States.


And so what we are seeing now is a good example of these attacks moving into the physical realm. We have to be thoughtful about the overall security paradigm because that’s going to become the next frontier for attack.

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