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How Lookout Protects Executives

How Lookout Protects Executives


Lookout provides mobile protection for company executives and leaders

Executives are constantly on the road, which means that an organization’s most sensitive data, financial performance, product pricing, and corporate development plans are regularly being accessed from smartphones and tablets. More importantly, this data is frequently being accessed outside the four walls of the company and beyond the reach of traditional security tools. This means that traditional security tools for phishing and malware aren’t securing your executives for a large part of their workday.

Real World Use Case for Executives

While traveling, especially internationally, connecting to Wi-Fi access points is a common practice. However, these networks often lack security, leaving executives susceptible to network-based man-in- the-middle attacks. This could allow the malicious actor to route all traffic through a rogue router or silently drop malware on the device. Either way, this is an easy gateway into a device that has access to corporate cloud data.

Executives are prime targets for highly targeted and socially engineered phishing attacks called ‘whaling attacks’. These attacks can be detrimental to the company from both a brand

Why Lookout

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Continuous Conditional Access ensures security and compliance on every device, leveraging a large data set fed by over 170 million devices and the analysis of over 70 million mobile apps. With the Lookout Security Cloud, it’s easy to deploy Lookout and apply security policies across the entire organization for both managed and unmanaged devices. Users receive alerts and remediation steps on malicious apps, network connections, and system anomalies in real time; accompanied by dynamic device health checks to provide Continuous Conditional Access to sensitive corporate applications and data.


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