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How Technology Disrupts Real Estate and FM

How Technology Disrupts Real Estate and FM


How Technology Disrupts Real Estate and FM

Disruptive Innovation

Analysts estimate that 50% of human control functions will disappear in the next 5 years. Real Estate and Facility Management face drastic changes in operating models and processes. However, technology will help you find innovative solutions.

The Internet of Things

Today, everything around us can be connected. Imagine that all assets in your building have a tiny sensor to show the status of air handling units, the availability of meeting rooms, occupancy of workplaces, actual energy consumption or even the amount of soap left in a dispenser. Now imagine one software system capturing all this data and alerting you when action is needed.


While this would be very beneficial on a day-to-day basis, the long term looks even better. Analysing this data provides reliable forecasts of how your company, people and assets behave.

Big Data and Analytics

As we connect more and more assets to the internet, the speed, volume and complexity of data grow exponentially. To benefit from this big data, innovative cloud technologies and solutions for analytics are needed.


Analysis to discover patterns in behaviour, that in turn provide valuable insights into relationships between business, people and assets. Analysis that can help to improve the dynamic use of workplaces, help to predict asset maintenance and as a result, can contribute greatly to workplace productivity and your understanding of the impact that facility occupancy plays on its energy consumption.


All this with one goal in mind; to help Real Estate and Facility Managers make their operations and services smarter, better and more aligned with their business, ultimately using technology to optimise the performance of your business, people and assets.



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