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LED Hut’s turnkey services

LED Hut’s turnkey services



Your complete guide to LED Hut’s turnkey services from the UK’s #1 specialist in LED lighting.

The LED Hut’s SURVEY - DESIGN - SUPPLY - INSTALL programme is an eco-lighting scheme for businesses and organisations looking to reduce their energy bills and also help the environment.

Its aim is to help organisations make massive reductions on their energy bills by replacing traditional lighting sources – such as incandescent and halogen lamps – with energy efficient LED lighting.

Through the scheme, we’ll help you with product procurement and advice, bespoke funding options and installation – basically everything you need to switch to LED. Most importantly, we aim to ensure that you don’t have to spend a penny.

How? Well, through bespoke financial packages and funding, you can offset the payments you make for the LED lighting and installation through the massive energy savings you make.

In short – the longer you leave it, the more it costs.

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LED Hut will be present at our FMP event in Oxford University on April 4th 2019. To learn more, contact GB Intelligence on 01633 749520 or at 

To learn about other events like this, visit here.

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