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Making Technology Easy and Enjoyable

Making Technology Easy and Enjoyable


Making technology easy and enjoyable

Here at KCOM, we don’t believe that technology is all about complex black boxes with flashing LEDs and numerous acronyms intent on confusing anyone who listens, we know that it’s part of the foundation on which you build your business – your connectivity to your customers, your collaboration with your colleagues, your access to data and applications.

Whilst 10 years ago it was perfectly normal to have your data, voice, applications and mobility services procured and delivered in lots of neat little silos today, with the convergence of software and communications, means that’s no longer how we should absorb our technology solutions to deliver the greatest performance and service into the business. We want a consistent (and obviously excellent) user experience across everything we do – an integrated and seamless solution which presents a single face to our customers.

And with this integration comes the increasing need for relationships to be built on trust. As the traditional buying cycle of making technology investment and replacing it three to five years later is dead, subscription-based services need to constantly evolve, rather like a living contract.

We work closely with our customers to provide just this experience; a single service tailor-made to underpin four key business needs:

  • Connecting people to each other and to their information:managed connectivity that seamlessly integrate your site and office locations; combining the optimal access technology for each site to create a single network to connect every colleague and device.

  • Communication tools that drive collaboration and productivity: Hosted Voice, Unified Communications and Mobility all help us to deliver and support new ways of working and business change.

  • Secure Hosting that put data and business applications at your fingertips: big data is big news, but it’s the applications that sit with it that really make it work for you. We don’t just look after the environment it sits on, but support the performance of the application so it works as you need it to.

  • Mobility is the reality of how we live and work: being online anywhere at anytime is how we all work nowadays and it’s not just about shiny handsets. We’ll help you create a user experience that encompasses mobile working, communications and extended Wi-Fi to create an awesome experience wherever you or your customers are.

But don’t just take our word for it. We work with businesses across a range of sectors including the RNLI, Furniture Village, Dominos, HMRC, Kuoni, Sports Direct and many other brands to make their technology easy and enjoyable. All of our customers have one thing in common; they’re looking to partner with a supplier who not only understands the technical environment and goals of the business, but a partner who understands the importance of its application to its users and their customers and perhaps most importantly, can communicate in a way that remembers that we’re all still just a bunch of people working to deliver a greater technology experience.  If that’s the kind of supplier you’re looking for, let’s start a conversation. Kcom, Eclipse, KC and Smart421 are all part of KCOM Group Plc.


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