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Pushing the button on Remote Working in the UK

Pushing the button on Remote Working in the UK


Summary of RingCentral's Digital Boardroom - Thursday 9th April 2020

RingCentral Goal

We are interested in your thoughts and insights on what has worked and what could have been done differently as people have shifted to remote working during the COVID-19 outbreak.


What has been key for you? Are your people responding well to the changes?

The majority of organisations have had the good fortune to already have the technology for seamless remote working in place, or the capacity and tools available to work quickly to achieve this. Some assistance and education has been required for those employees not as experienced with these new systems, but in general the changes have been well received with usage of new platforms increasing over time.


In an effort to keep staff and customers informed and provide them as good a service as possible, many individual measures have been introduced in the meantime including 24 hour service desks and contact centres to keep people informed of current business for the foreseeable future.


The major challenges being faced are similar to what they have been in the past such as security, bandwidth and supply chain, although with the added complications of employees being apart and away from the main office, as well as certain organisations being in different situations due to location or government guidelines.


As a leader, have you seen a change in how you approach your staff? Has there been more of a focus on wellness?

Above all, maintaining employee morale and mental health at the forefront during these tough times has been key with many initiatives being put in place to keep staff connected to each other and the outside world regularly. With all staff in different situations, personally, financially and mentally, it is important that everyone can work safely and to the best of their ability given their circumstances.


While business must go in, it is key to understand that due to other commitments, such as children, schedules may be disrupted and so allowing people to shift their working day to suit them is a good way to improve productivity and health. Also, keep your staff informed on the latest information to put their fears at ease as we all try to work as best we can.


Where organisations have been forced to put staff on furlough, taking into account personal priorities and situations, it is key to give your staff who are not working tools to help them progress within the company once things return to normal.


In many cases, attendees have experienced changes in the types of conversations they have with their employees, finding a blend of work and personal topics and forming different relationships with people they may not talk to regularly or at all in a traditional office setting.


Do you anticipate a push for more of a remote/office balance post-COVID? Will  this affect decisions in areas such as budget changes or travel?

When the time does come to return to the office, many expect to have big discussions about the validity of having all members of staff in one place everyday. Issues such as employee productivity, flexibility, commuting, equipment spend, travel budgets and overall carbon footprint impact will likely be brought up. Budgets are likely to be affected over the next 6-12 months as a result of the outbreak and so considering these options could be viable ways of counteracting the losses felt in the short term.


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