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Sunil Shah - Chair, Global Responsible Business Forum - RICS

The global business landscape is fundamentally shifting. This has been driven by the changes in social perceptions and technological advances which have altered how we operate and deliver services. We need to adapt to not just survive, but to thrive – access to the best talent, making use of the data, and driving out unethical behaviours, which will drive progress for all.

Change is a necessity for business to thrive, but the level and complexity demonstrated currently has taken many by surprise. Increasing global urbanisation brings major impacts on environment and society. Management of real estate in the 21st Century therefore requires a responsible approach. Responsible business leadership can help mitigate global risks brought by climate change, social impacts of property development, and wellbeing of occupants - providing competitive advantage and reputational benefits to those that do it well. How these risks and opportunities are approached by corporations that manage property affect the investors, the occupiers, managing agents and the supply chain.  It can improve both the value of the property and the value of the company managing the property.

The RICS Responsible Business Leaders Forum was established to explore the conversation further and develop a global approach towards embedding environmental, social and economic value into the management of real estate. This report provides recommendations towards a framework for the industry to take forward, based on evidence with clear outputs to achieve consistency across the industry. It is aimed at businesses and professionals that advise them, with particular emphasis on property services.


Sunil will be speaking at our FMP Event at the Celtic Manor Hotel, Newport on October 17th 2019 as a delegate.


To learn about about this and other FMP events, visit here

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