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Rethinking Response

Rethinking Response

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The average cyber-attack now costs a single business over $1 million – and many organizations are only responding to a breach after it has taken place.

Despite recent innovations in attack detection, 87% of compromises took minutes if not less – and 3% are discovered in minutes. The way that organizations approach response has stood still. It’s time for your organization to enter a new era of Incident Response.

For the first time, we’re giving you access to our Continuous Response Methodology - in a new whitepaper developed to guide how organizations can manage incidents as they arise and the ability to respond to a live attack as it is happening.


This whitepaper will:

Give you exclusive insight into our Continuous Response Methodology – show you how it works – in action – by applying it to a real-life incident.

Empower you with the vocabulary and a practical checklist to help you determine who, why, and how you might be targeted – in a way that will resonate with your board.

Demonstrate what's required in terms of people, processes, and technology, to battle challenging and sophisticated attacks – to create and evaluate an Incident Response playbook that works.

Provide a framework for fast, informed decision making and the ability to gather evidence, intelligence, and forensics during an attack.

No matter where you are in your journey towards Continuous Response, our methodology can help.


To download this whitepaper, visit the website here.


You can also learn about Continuous Response Methodology from Tim Orchard, Managing Director, F-Secure Countercept by watching his recently conducted webinar:

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