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Secure End Management in a Software-Defined World

Secure End Management in a Software-Defined World


Taken from our Ascot CIO Event, October 12th 2017

Douglas A. Brown | Global Technology Evangelist, IGEL

The Future is Cloudy

  • Data will continue to move to the cloud.
  • More cloud services (aaS) will be utilized by IT.
  • Typical User will access apps, data, and resources from a variety of locations, owners, and devices.
  • Mobility of the user will NOT be slowing down.
  • Persona, identity, and security are key!
  • GDPR …Y2K?

VDI / SBC in the Enterprise Today! Daas is tomorrow?

Solutions like AWS, Azure, Google are affecting the requirement and rules of the end-point.

  • The world is moving to the Cloud!
  • Citrix Loves Azure and is investing big time (”We lead with cloud”)
  • AWS Workspaces, etc.
  • Google Chromebooks (millennials)
  • VDI was 1st Gen… DaaS is 2nd

Everything will be… Cloud Delivered!

What Software-Defined means to Us!

While everyone is looking at AI, VR, IoT, did you notice almost all of IT was turned into software and can now be virtualized and automated?

  • Turns everything in to bits.
  • Allows for faster provisioning, deploying and maintaining.
  • Reduces TCO by reducing hardware acquisition and redeploying supporting labor.
  • Everything gets better without buying new, like the Tesla.

IGELs solutions to help solve the changing world


IGEL Is a platform to manage, update, provision, and secure endpoints, any place at any time.

How? One Platform, Two Components

IGEL OS for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and the VDI / DaaS future.
IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)

  • Any x86 64bit with 1GB RAM hardware (can even be virtualized)
  • Secure-by-design – read-only file system
  • From Kiosk to full OS, you define…
  • Based on Ubuntu Kernel for best peripheral support
  • Smart card and secure authentication / AD support
  • BYOD ready or…
  • You truly don’t need Windows… Save the money, the reboots, the updates, the headaches…
IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • Granular configuration – 7,000 plus configurations
  • Real-Time - no reboots required
  • Scalable – Example, Luxottica: 30K devices in over 5k global locations…managed by
  • 1 person and they don’t even log in, but once or twice a month, into the UMS.
  • Extendable:
  • Cloud Gateway – Secure Roaming Users
  • IMI – API based access to almost anything
  • UMA – IGEL can manage Windows too
  • Even the ability to track your mobile assets and devices
  • Much, Much More!

IGEL End-Points Everywhere!

IGEL OS, where you need it on the device that fits the Use Case:

  • Save money- convert an existing x86 devices with the IGEL OS (UDC)
  • Work from any x86 64bit device using the IGEL OS on the UD Pocket
  • No need to buy expensive PCs or Macs, utilize the IGEL Thin and Zero client hardware options
  • IGEL OS is on leading manufactures, IGEL OS on Samsung All-in-One Clients!

Bringing it all Back Home

Step in-to-the future with Software-Defined IGEL…

  • As the world changes, your software needs to grow and scale with it, in real time!
  • The ability to access all your apps, data, and misc. resources from one device
  • Don’t forget, SECURITY!
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