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Simplifying your journey to multicloud

Simplifying your journey to multicloud


Simplifying your journey to multicloud- Cloud Gateway Whitepaper

The move to the cloud has been a key focal point for businesses. According to a survey from IDC this year, 93.2% of respondents reported that their organisation is currently using more than one cloud infrastructure - made up of a mix of public and private cloud environments. These organisations stated that operating across multiple clouds was essential to; keeping their business competitive, optimising and reducing costs, maintaining their performance, ensuring regulation and legislation compliance, and ensuring interoperability to protect from cyber threats.


The digital economy is one of the key drivers in the move to multicloud and these results show that multicloud is becoming the new enterprise normal. 


Are you recognising the need to be more responsive, flexible and cost conscious within your organisation? Are you looking for ways to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud and multicloud? Maybe you already have a hybrid or multicloud strategy in place and are ready to start your journey?


Organisations who have started to make this transition have found that the move to multicloud can bring specific challenges of its own. Interconnection has a vital role to play in overcoming these challenges and enabling you to realise the full potential of multicloud.


Industry partners Cloud Gateway and Equinix have produced a new and exclusive whitepaper to guide you on your journey to multicloud and understand how to avoid these

Download the whitepaper to get more insight in to:

  • The forces driving the move to multicloud

  • The problems you’re likely to face as you make the journey to multicloud

  • How interconnection solves the challenges in moving to multicloud

  • How to simplify your multicloud journey and increase your success

  • How interconnection can be your digital transformation enabler


Download the whitepaper here and start your journey today!

And learn more about Cloud Gateway here.

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