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Standout Creative in a Cookieless World

Standout Creative in a Cookieless World

By PadSquad

With the impending death of the cookie across the internet, digital creative is now more important than ever. Whether it's programmatic, rich media, or high impact, what you say, how you say it, and how nimble brands are with their messaging matters. As targeting capabilities dwindle, it’s stand out creative that is going to resonate with consumers when they encounter a sea of sameness.


PadSquad is partnering with Airtory, a creative management platform to run PadSquad’s AI-powered creative nerve center, Simpli, to help deliver on its mission of building remarkable creative designed for humankind.


By uniquely leveraging Airtory’s platform and API suite, PadSquad is processing real-time data signals and performance insights to inform everything from creative development and inventory selection to campaign delivery and optimizations. On the partnership, Airtory’s Co-Founder and CEO Julian Frachtman said, “By collaborating on a deep data API, PadSquad has been able to improve their ad decisioning processes making them more nimble in how they choose to place an ad in front of the right audience.”


Access to real-time data isn’t the only perk this partnership has yielded. PadSquad is also seeing improvements in creative production timelines, as noted by their Founder and CEO Daniel Meehan, “Working with Airtory’s team to integrate their platform into our proprietary creative production technology stack is driving timelines that are 30-40% faster than they were previously. Speed is everything, and now we can not only deliver completed creative faster, but we’re also able to increase our decisioning speed to drive superior results for our clients.”


PadSquad’s wealth of data and speed to market also allows them to personalize and customize ad formats through a robust creative versioning process. “The real ‘beauty’ of our work is that we are able to boost efficiencies while not having to sacrifice on beautiful creative and brand experiences,” said Jennifer Gavin, PadSquad’s Vice President of Product & Innovation.


As the advertising industry continues to reckon with data and internet cookies, PadSquad’s partnership is better positioning the company to help steer brands through these changes leveraging the power of creative. “Our clients are looking to us to help them navigate the cookieless web with impactful creative executions that resonate with audiences and drive results,” notes Meehan.


Together, Airtory’s efficiencies and PadSquad’s remarkable creative design are delivering the perfect balance of brains and beauty for Fortune 500 brands.



About PadSquad:

Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, PadSquad is a digital media company wholly focused on high-impact creative. Their mission is to enable brands like The Home Depot, Toyota, Kellogg, Uber, PepsiCo, HP and many more to connect to people through more memorable advertising that stimulates the senses and inspires action. With countless award-winning and industry-defining rich ad formats under its belt, PadSquad is widely considered the creativity and innovation leader in digital advertising. Learn more at


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