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Strange things that AI will be able to do

Strange things that AI will be able to do

2nd Mar 2018


by Max Cottica, Chief Information Officer at Staycity Aparthotels

There is a lot of talk around artificial intelligence and robotics these days. I really feel like this is the beginning of Skynet, I have been saying that for a while. The Skynet paradigm can be reached only at one condition though: AI needs to be networked.


So, we already know that Google Translate AI, created its own language to be able to translate more efficiently. Wait a second. The machine came up with something on its own? That is fantastic and scary at the same time.


Networking together multiple AI units that can create things on their own, we can assume they will be able to communicate between themselves either using a new language or plain natural language. If they network 'socially' are we saying they will be able to have opinions on things like art, movies, opera, books, music and food?


And if they have an opinion about all those things are we saying they might be able to write movie scripts, paint, write books, play music, write editorial articles and sing "L'Aida”? And what if they understood the concept of finance, economics and monetization? Are they going to buy and sell what they produce? And will we be able to buy these products as well? What if in 20 years the number one hit song was written and performed by a machine? Would you download it or "phase it" to your device, as they will say at that time? Or if a new painting from Picasso was released, would you want to bid on it?


It would be interesting to see if AI can become a collector of things like comic books, fine art and exotic fish. Will AI have an address to deliver all these things?


And good taste. Will AI be able to create new recipes or been able to give suggestions on how to create a perfect grapes blend? So, in a nut shell we might actually create something that along the line will become like us. Like a God syndrome of sorts. One difference it's obvious. A machine does not pay taxes. But fear not, I truly believe AI will be taxed.


A dangerous scenario.


Imagine a web site where you can buy a company. You get the same feeling as when you buy from Amazon Web Services or eBay but instead you get a lawyer, an accountant, a chief of staff, 10 data engineers, a PM and an automated communications service. All AI units. And there you go, you have your own business in a few clicks. And the beginning of the end of everything as we know it.


It would be interesting to see AI's reaction to taxes. Will they try to evade them? Or will they be common Joe's and run out of money like we do? Or companies will be taxed and that will take off many smiles across executives faces in no time these days.


So, forget about self-driving cars, robotic surgeons, precision agriculture and all these fancy things. AI can be a priest, a nurse and, one day, you. We might as well have the AI police. Units making sure that AI operations are legitimate and ethical at all times. And would a criminal AI unit be judged in court or do we just disconnect it? And if we disconnect it are we saying that we are killing somebody?


Speaking of which, what about us? I foresee our return to nature where you might be off work, but you can work on producing the food necessary to sustain your family. Potatoes for instance, easy to grow pretty much anywhere. In a way with the advent of the AI revolution, in the long term, it will be better if you were already producing your own food. You will be at an advantage over lawyers, HR people, data engineers and all these other categories that have lost their day to day job due to AI disruption and are trying to make an alternative living. They would not have a clue and the stamina to do it for a long time.


Some already shout that the AI revolution will destroy us. Maybe that sounds strong, but it is a fact we are that close from a catastrophic scenario which will probably dissipate in humanity coping and moving on. The same that happened with the industrial revolution, the same that happened after devastating wars, we will regroup, and we will move on despite AI being part of our lives.


Mad Max. Out. Blip.


by Max Cottica, Chief Information Officer at Staycity Aparthotels


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