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The Digital Shift in Procurement

21st Sep 2017


Paul Harlington, Group Procurement Director - TUI Group

In just over 2 months I will again be speaking at the CPO Event at Oxford University on “The Digital Shift in Procurement”.
I hesitated when asked to present this subject again: only 12 months after presenting it to CPO audiences for the first time, but the feedback I have received and recent experiences have highlighted just how many of you are thinking about this professional challenge, and how it is evolving in our organisations and the market place.
Candidates are now actively asking about Digital – What is our digital strategy? How long will our digital transformation take? Where do we see conflicts between Marketing and IT functions? How can I get involved? – Many are enthused by an organisation with a clear digital future, making it a clear recruitment and retention aid – but others are failing to grasp the importance of the topic (for now) leaving them uncompetitive compared to their peers.
In a world where digital is present in so many of the things we do, and where getting it wrong is more expensive than ever (think digital breach impacts on brand/reputation, revenue and the associated fines), we all need to step up to the challenge of the Digital Shift in Procurement, both in terms of what we buy and our digital supply chains.
In an increasingly technical world, digital is the new Direct Procurement. I look forward to your comments at the event.


Paul Harlington - Group Procurement Director - TUI Group

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