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The Intelligence in Threat Intelligence

The Intelligence in Threat Intelligence



Cyber Threat Intelligence, a service that predicts and proactively notifies enterprise customers about real-time threats, could be the difference between a zero-day threat infiltrating your organisation and not. 


Cyber Threat Intelligence provides global knowledge on targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-days and botnet activities. These items are traditionally difficult for security engineers to discover, who can only access information within their local network. 


The service provides enterprises full details on real-time threats that are on the horizon, to both prevent attacks and help their security teams improve response time when mitigating such threats. Ultimately, this further improves the effectiveness of your existing defense systems.


“In light of attacks like WannaCryptor, being able to predict a possible targeted attack or malware campaign can be priceless,” says Jeronimo Varela, Director of Global Sales at ESET. “Cyber Threat Intelligence provides the necessary details and context to all new and emerging threats in order to help security teams prepare for such attacks and effectively mitigate the threats.” 


Cyber Threat Intelligence collects data in real-time, using multiple layers of technology, including heuristics and machine learning algorithms, to build reports based on defined preferences. These offer customisable insight via multiple data feeds, early warning on targeted malware and further detailed reporting on submitted files or hashes.  


“Cyber Threat Intelligence was developed with the idea of sharing insight into impending attacks with key customers,” says Juraj Malcho, Chief Technology Officer at ESET. “Moreover, as the service runs without deployment on the customer’s network infrastructure, even businesses without ESET endpoint protection deployed can benefit from our knowledge and work to strengthen the security of their organisations.” 


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To learn more about ESET, click here.


ESET will be in attendance at our CIO Event at Said Business School, Oxford University on Thursday 26th March 2020. To learn about this and other CIO events, click here.

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