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Thriving in the Modern Digital Economy P1

Thriving in the Modern Digital Economy P1

11th Jul 2018


Taken from our Los Angeles CIO Event, December 2017

Taken from ‘Six Word Lessons to Think Like a Modern Day’

Jim DuBois - Board Director, Tech Advisor, Angel Investor, Author, former CIO of Microsoft

The Microsoft IT Environment


  • <1000 LOB apps, down from over 5000
  • 1 million+ OS instances on corporate network
  • 200k+ Users
  • 600+ Site locations (113 countries)
  • 20B+ Security events captured/day

First & Best Program

  • >25% LOB apps run in PaaS today
  • 95% Migrated to public cloud
  • 200k+ All users on Office 365
  • 180k Windows 10 devices ‘managed’
  • 200k+ iOS, Android, Win phones ‘managed’

Digitally Mature Companies Perform Better


Revenue: -4%

Profitability: -11%

Market Value: -7%


Average increases:

+9% Revenue Creation

+12% Market Valuation

+26% Profitability



Revenue: +6%

Profitability: -11%

Market Value: -12%



Revenue: -10%

Profitability: +9%

Market Value: +7%



Revenue: +9%

Profitability: +26%

Market Value: +12%

Waves of Transformation at Microsoft



  • 29 data centres
  • 29 operations centres
  • Multiple ERP systems
  • Multiple networks
  • Multiple IT Organisations
  • 3 data centres
  • 1 operations centre
  • 1 instance of SAP
  • 1 flat Cisco-based network
  • 1 global IT organisation

Process Consistency (ITIL)


  • No consistent way of doing anything between different teams
  • Event management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Test and build automation tools
  • Capacity management

Digital Transformation


  • Project focused culture
  • 60k+ VMs on-premise
  • 20B security events/day
  • 5500 IT employees
  • 20k IT contingent staff
  • Product focused culture
  • <5k VMs on-premise
  • AI driven security
  • 5500 IT employees
  • 10k IT strategic vendors


  1. Grow the right people in an environment where everyone can be there best
  2. Define success based on business outcomes
  3. Get the public cloud fast
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