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Thriving in the Modern Digital Economy P2

Thriving in the Modern Digital Economy P2

11th Jul 2018


Taken from our Los Angeles CIO Event, December 2017

Taken from ‘Six Word Lessons to Think Like a Modern Day’

Jim DuBois - Board Director, Tech Advisor, Angel Investor, Author, former CIO of Microsoft

Cloud Migration Prediction


  • 10% Retire
  • 5-10% Rationalise & Consolidate
  • 15% Replace (with COTS/GOTS)
  • 50-70% Rewrite/Refactor, Replatform, Service- Refactor, Service Wrapper, Virtualise (Cloud Migration), Do Nothing
  • 10-20% Do nothing (for Apps < 2 years old)

Move to Cloud

  • 10% Retire
  • 5-10% Replace with Cloud-Aware app
  • 5-25% Already Virtualized; Move to Cloud (Iaas only)
  • 50-70% Virtualise, Move to Cloud (IaaS) and exploit Cloud & Big Data Architectures appropriately for Application Functional Requirements
  • 10% Do Nothing

Cloud Migration - Actual

~30% Retire it, right-size, eliminate environments


~15% Use or convert to a SaaS (1st or 3rd party solution)


  • Office Servers
  • Portals & SPS
  • Any relationship mgmt
  • Active Source Control & WIT
  • Data warehouses
  • Industry standard verticals


  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • CRM Online
  • VSO
  • ADL + PowerBI
  • Best 3rd party SaaS

<5%- Remain on premise


  • Expose functionality in existing SaaS/PaaS solution
  • Convert to Azure PaaS solution
  • Optimise for and move to Azure IaaS VM
  • No change, lift ‘n’ shift to IaaS

~35% First to Move

  • Basic web apps
  • Advanced portals
  • Any new solutions
  • Any re-architected solutions

~10% Next to move

  • High I/O OLTP
  • Regulatory and high business impact

~5% Hard or costly to Move

  • HVA Systems
  • PKI Systems
  • Legacy source control


  1. Grow the right people in an environment where everyone can be there best
  2. Define success based on business outcomes
  3. Get the public cloud fast
  4. Change how you work (agile)
  5. Don’t forget security    

Other Waves of Transformation

Key Skills


  • Integration expertise
  • Datacenter/Infrastructure
  • Relationship Management
  • Data analyst
  • Tester


  • Cloud architect
  • BYOD/Security
  • Scrum masters
  • Data scientist
  • DevOps



  • Waterfall
  • Application delivery
  • Build & change
  • Help desk
  • IT vendors


  • Agile sprints
  • Service delivery
  • Service models
  • Integrated IT service desk
  • Strategic suppliers



  • IT metrics
  • Risk-averse
  • Fixed mindset
  • Built here


  • Business outcomes
  • Experiment, move quick
  • Learning mindset
  • Outside-in innovation
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