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Unf@k Your Data Creating a Single View of Customer

Unf@k Your Data Creating a Single View of Customer


Taken from our Ascot CMO Event, October 2017

Jonathan Summerfield, CEO & Founder, XIAtech Consulting

Data Challenges

  • Every day we create 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (2.5 QUINTILLION) Bytes of Data
  • 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last 2 years
  • 90% of data generated is unstructured e.g. Tweets, photos, customer history, customer service calls

How does this apply to me?

Corporate Information challenges

  • Storage
  • Integration of new systems
  • Timeliness of data
  • Data silos
  • Different formats
  • Duplicated data – no golden record or Single Version of the Truth
  • Complex Systems
  • Differing technologies
  • Company acquisitions/mergers
  • Speed of consumption (velocity) is restricted
  • EU Regulatory directives e.g. GDPR
  • Governance

An example Retailer’s system landscape

Customer Channels

  • Ecommerce (Web & Mobile)
  • Stores (Loyalty, ePOS etc)
  • Customer Services
  • Marketplace/B2B & B2D
  • Social Media

Operational Systems

  • Order Management
  • CRM/Email/Marketing
  • ERP/Merchandising/Finance
  • Product, Price, Promos
  • Warehouse Management
  • Spreadsheets

New systems take time to implement & are complex to integrate.


Data sharing proves challenging as well.


Consequently, traditional Business reporting is hard to implement, inaccurate & costly.


So creating a real-time single version of truth or 360 degree view of any data is costly, complex and slow.


  • Consent
  • Breach
  • Right to Access
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Privacy by Design

Why do traditional methods fail?

  • Changing requirements – inflexible solution
  • Lack of Governance
  • Technology & business process constrained
  • Not-real time
  • Non-GDPR compliant
  • Expensive & complex to change
  • Not contextually aware (not event based)
  • No opportunity to react to data changes
  • Difficult to capture unstructured data
  • The Data Warehouse and CRM systems maintain the silos

What’s the answer?

Step 0- Discovery (get the basics right)

  • Prepare the organisation – use champions
  • Create the ‘ground-swell’
  • Scope/prioritise the incremental phases of delivery
  • Establish Data Governance & Steering Group
  • Select technology & partner
  • Look for opportunities e.g. eCommerce project

Step 1: Real-Time Event-based Integration

Link your Customer Channels & Operational Systems via Microservices Integration & Data Processing and into a new system

Step 2: Real-Time Single View of Data

Built incrementally

Step 3: Data Lake & Reporting

Allows for reporting (Dashboards & reports)

What can be achieved with Event Data?

Event data contains:

  • Key metadata (e.g. category, name, time, event time etc..)
  • Actual event data (eg Order created)
  • Time series & the latest snapshot eg Order Updates
  • Everything the Data Lake requires to record the event

Simply put, data is gathered from all your systems in real time, consolidated and held centrally.

What is now possible?

  • Storage – Big data tech allows for unlimited data on demand
  • Integration of new systems – Seamless integration
  • Timeliness of data – Near real time
  • Data silos – Single view of data independent from operational systems
  • Different formats – Any format can be handled
  • Duplicated data – Single data view delivered
  • Complex Systems – Agnostic of technology
  • Differing technologies - Agnostic of technology
  • Company acquisitions/mergers – Can and should be implemented incrementally
  • Speed of consumption (velocity) is restricted - Near real time data

What other possibilities are enabled?

  • Cross-data set analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Publishing of data from the Single Data View
  • Using dynamic customer segments for campaigns
  • Personalising the experience online
  • Access to previously untapped data
  • Internet of Things e.g. RFID

Single Data View Platform

Our Software

  1. Event-based Integration platform
  2. Real-time 3600 view of your data
  3. Industry-ready Reporting & Dashboards
  4. Automated GDPR compliance

License-free, encrypted, cloud based, open source, resilient & elastically scalable

Why is it cool?

  • No license fee (open source) and very low TCO
  • Can be implemented in under 3 months
  • Real time ‘data-stories’ from the 3600 view of all your data across all your channels
  • Can integrate all your systems - even the old ones!
  • Provides industry-ready reports and dashboards out of the box
  • Uses latest technology (e.g. MicroServices) so we can attract the best talent
  • Continuous improvement – our roadmap is driven by the industry

Why Companies Choose our Single Data View© Platform

  • Secure & GDPR compliant
  • Open Standards & license free
  • 360 degree data & Industry ready real- time business decisions
  • Quick to implement with pre-built connectors
  • Cloud based, highly scalable & resilient fully managed service
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