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What is "Digital Transformation"?


Chris Storey, Head of IT Delivery, Travelopia

I have been thinking a lot recently about the term digital transformation. Or “digital transformation” as I tend to say, emphasising the quotation marks with my hands, followed by the disclaimer “whatever that means” or “which means lots of different things to different people”


What actually is digital transformation. What does it mean? Why do businesses need to start “digital transformations.” Why is nearly every business at some stage of their “digital transformation”


Are business not digital by default already in 2019, at least to some degree?


Do we really mean “business transformation” – changing the business, boosting the business, changing the businesses approaches, ways of working, or even outwardly facing propositions? Do we mean changing what the business sells, how it sells it, on which channels, or it’s physical presence?


Is it a hidden way of saying “driving business efficiency”. How can we use technology better in our business, so we can drive out operating costs, run with fewer people, lower our cost base etc.


Or is it about pushing forward technology functions - driving more innovation, modernising applications, embracing mobile, changing technology team structures etc.


Or maybe – “digital transformation” just means aligning IT with the business. Doing whatever technology drive changes are needed to deliver the business plans.


I think that’s it.


Digital transformation= making sure technology functions deliver what the business needs, however that might change.


But isn't that what a technology function should be doing anyway? Why does it need to become a "transformation" programme.

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