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'When Possible, Make a U-Turn'

'When Possible, Make a U-Turn'


Markus Zürn, Executive Director Marketing & Digital, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger Handels GmbH & Co. KG (MOBIVIA GROUP)

At our upcoming CIO Europe event at Novotel Saint Quentin (Le Golf National), Paris, we are delighted to welcome Markus Zürn, Executive Director Marketing & Digital at A.T.U Handels GmbH & Co. KG, part of MOBIVIA Groupe. At the event, Markus will be speaking on the subject of Re-Engineering Automotive Aftersales Marketing in his curiously titled presentation, ‘When Possible, Make a U-Turn!’


The goal of this process is to help A.T.U. ‘predict consumers’ preferences’ in order to understand them better, put the right products in front of the right people and in turn, make them ‘the first choice partner for drivers’.


‘Conventional cars with analog and embedded features dominate the automotive aftersales market, versus a very small number of electric digitized cars. We are facing a major digital maturity discrepancy compared to other markets. Our drivers are already used to the best customer experience ever!’


And on top of that, Markus informs us that the market is starting to become very crowded: ‘there are new kids on the block: We’re witnessing the birth of car and e-scooter sharing, individual mobility rental services for short-, medium- and long-term and data-driven business models providing new convenient mobility management services.’


Therefore A.T.U has taken the decision to think about the market differently. Their strategy: to reverse the ‘sales funnel.’


‘Awareness, branding, lead generation, – that’s the traditional approach. Right now, we are on the racing line from Relevant Set to First Choice. We evolve our marketing and sales activities by means of smart data, geofencing, programmatic advertising and predictive analytics. This allows us to understand our clients’ needs. This results in deep understanding of the consumer’s desires, enabling us to come forward with the right offer in the exact moment of need.’


In his keynote presentation at our Paris event, taking place on Thursday 26th September 2019, Markus will go into detail about the journey A.T.U has taken up to this point, their development of their new strategy and their approach to implementation in three stages: Get, Keep, Grow.


If you are interested in attending this event you can view more about it including the current schedule here.


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