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You’re Only Doing Email Half Right

You’re Only Doing Email Half Right


Taken from our US CMO Event, March 2017

You’re Only Doing Email Half Right- The Missed Revenue Potential in Transactional Email

Lauren Meyer, MailJet


Marketing vs. Transactional Email


  • Newsletters
  • Promotions
  • Product Updates


  • Password Reset
  • Email Activation
  • Order Confirmation
  • Notifications

1) Where Traditional Email Marketing Strategy Falls Short

Email is the most effective communication channel

Marketers should still be focusing on email

  • 3.7 billion users (50% of the global population has an email address)
  • Best ROI (Average ROI of $38 for each $1 spend)
  • Preferred channel (72% of customers prefer to be contacted by email)

Don’t just take our word for it

The real statistics behind transactional emails

  • 4-8 times higher revenue than bulk mailings
  • 152% more click-throughs than marketing emails
  • 3-6 times more opens than marketing emails

Transactional emails are ignored by marketing, yet have more engagement from consumers

  • 53% of transactional emails are written by IT or another department
  • 44% of transactional emails don’t include any personalization
  • 360% Increase in revenue for enhanced e-receipts

2) What Transactional Email Done Right Looks Like

  • Tailored Content
  • Cross-Selling
  • Personalisation
  • Upselling

3) Hurdles To Transactional Marketing

The Coding Gap

Gap in technical knowledge between marketers and developers collaborating on projects simultaneously


54% believe that the gap in coding knowledge between the marketing and development team makes their company less agile


  • Belief that one of the departments is valued more widely by the senior management team than the other
  • Common perception that developers are strapped for time and marketing is at the bottom of the priority list

Bridging the Barrier

  • 85% of marketers admit their performance would be improved if there was better integration with the developer team
  • ? Of marketers who speak with their developer team frequently feel that the two roles will grow further apart
  • Frequent interactions with the developer team are proven to have a transformative effect on coding confidence

4) How To Incorporate Transactional Marketing Into Your Strategy

APIs allow you to create adaptable content

Templating language allows you to reach your customers on an even more personal level

Landing In the Inbox

  • 21% don’t make it to the inbox
  • 5% land in SPAM
  • 16% are missing

Several things can ruin your brand experience

  • Critical emails no longer being sent- If your business app no longer asks for transactional emails to be sent
  • Delivery errors on building critical emails- Block or bounce of password reset, order confirmation etc.
  • Delay in transactional email sending- Movie not arriving on time etc.

=Loss in revenue & customer experience

Why Real-Time Monitoring?

  • Monitor business critical emails
  • Be the first to know if an issue is occuring
  • Save time and money
  • Get real-time control on your sendings

Next Steps to Take In Your Transactional Email Strategy for 2017

  1. Build consumer trust through consistent email branding
  2. Utilize the data points you already gather
  3. Get creative! Look for unique ways to add marketing into your transactional emails
  4. Track your transactional email sendings
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