CIO Event - March 2019 19th March, 2019
Said Business School, Oxford University

Top Speakers

Oliver Holden
Oliver Holden CIO - The AA
JOHN GIBBS Group CIO - Rolls-Royce
Ranjit Gill
Ranjit Gill CIO - McKesson UK
Matt Wintle
Matt Wintle CIO - Admiral

Event Description

Join CIO's from all across Europe!

The CIO was first introduced to lead the Data Processing and Information Systems departments of the past. Today, the job is a much different role. The skill set and responsibilities are worlds apart from what they were a decade or two ago. And the role continues to adapt to the changing face of the modern business enterprise. 


Discussing key topics such as the Cloud, Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics and the use of AI and IoT, CIO Event gives you the opportunity to meet leading decision makers under one roof at one time, to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future of security and to network and develop contacts that will strengthen your business.


The programme is driven by our senior level Advisory Board including representatives from TNT, Henley Business School, Fox Networks Group, US Department of Defense and Wyndham Group.


The CIO Event brings together leaders from across the public, large enterprises & mid-market sectors. The CIO event will provide you with a strategic and practical toolkit to help drive transformation including:

  • A full day of leading CIO’s discussing the latest industry trends
  • Workshops, panel discussions & Round table sessions led by visionaries within technology
  • First-hand case studies on the challenges facing IT
  • Fantastic networking opportunities with peers throughout the day


Event Includes:

  • Over 50 Senior Level IT Directors
  • Keynotes, Interactive Round-tables and Lively Panel Discussions
  • Industry leading topics around IoT, AI, Cloud, etc
  • Networking with Industry Leaders








Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB



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08:50 - 09:00

Chair's Opening Remarks

Alison Davis
Alison Davis VP-CIO - GE Healthcare Life Sciences
John Gibbs
John Gibbs Group CIO - Rolls Royce
09:00 - 09:50

Making Culture a Priority

Infrastructure and Operations must inspire and create new cultural norms for DevOps to be a success. There is a need to design target cultures they believe in and provide active reinforcement from senior management thats ongoing.

The biggest threat to innovation is internal politics and an organizational culture, which doesn't accept failure and/or doesn't accept ideas from outside and/or cannot change.

Shaun Bohannon
Shaun Bohannon Expert Associate Partner - McKinsey
Cian Ó'Maidín
Cian Ó'Maidín CEO - NearForm
Oliver Holden
Oliver Holden CIO - The AA
JOHN GIBBS Group CIO - Rolls-Royce
Matt Wintle
Matt Wintle CIO - Admiral
09:55 - 10:30


What opportunities does the Virtual Workforce present, and why are organisations choosing them to facilitate better service, faster growth and to react more quickly to market opportunities? Hear how RPA can increase both the job satisfaction of human workers and transform the way that enterprises and global service providers deliver value.

Rory Gray
Guest Speaker: Rory Gray, VP UK, Ireland & Nordics - UiPath


IT Transformation projects are usually driven by the need to reduce complexity, improve agility, simplify systems, contain costs, manage ever growing data and provide more efficient operational management. Arguably, for seasoned IT professionals there is nothing new about the drivers for transformational change; it’s the velocity and scale of transformation today that’s the big challenge.

Today, to effectively accelerate business innovation, successful IT leaders are building infrastructure that focuses on automation and flexibility, supporting agile application development and helping deliver world-class customer experience. Of course, IT teams are still under pressure to deliver legacy, mission-critical applications but they also need to support a seemingly constant flow of emerging business opportunities. They are also tasked to lower costs and reduce Capex, whilst helping to drive revenue growth. That’s a lot of drivers and this complex juggling act often requires modernising infrastructure. An almost inevitable result of this is that the mix of platforms they adopt will include private cloud, public cloud, service provider cloud and physical kit.

This talk will look at the many, often conflicting priorities faced by IT departments and make some practical and pragmatic suggestions that will maintain velocity and simplify some of the more complex operational requirements of a hybrid environment.


Simon Ratcliffe
Guest Speaker: Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant - Ensono

Boardroom discussion: Building a Secure Cloud: Security as an Enabler, not an Inhibitor

Cloud adoption is often a business priority today, rather than an option.  Most organisations already have a number of cloud based applications, services and environments they leverage across their business – and they are looking to integrate and align the business today based on the earlier lessons learnt.
What has changed is that 10 years ago most IT depts, certainly the Security teams within them - were seen as the Dept. Of 'no'. We were certainly not ‘the enabler’ of the business.
Now, it's our responsibility to be the enablers of the business - digital transformation isn't a project anymore - it's a day to day activity for you and your teams to manage.
Security, like other services, can't get in the way of progress - it has to become simpler, embedded - part of what you do when infrastructure, services, applications, devices, clouds change - not after.
Regardless of whether you are looking at transforming the physical infrastructure, or the virtual, the cloud resources, workloads or applications – we are looking for platforms to build, operate and deliver that transformation - with security embedded as a part of that - not implemented or managed as an after thought.
Many investments are focused today at leveraging intelligence from a number of sources - either to shape the availability, performance, efficiency or security of your resources - by providing you with analytics that enable you to automate and apply the most effective controls across your business - whether that's to scale for enterprises, cloud operators, or telcos.
What that means, is that in an ever changing transformation world - your organisation MUST enable and deliver that change for your business – security is simply not a ‘keeping the lights on’ function anymore.

Lee Fisher
Guest Speaker: Lee Fisher, Security Specialist - Juniper Networks
Words from our attendees
  • "Another concise, factual and easy to follow course. Presentation was very good.” - Margaret Wearing (ATT)
  • A very informative and insightful day. Would highly recommend this event to any progressive procurement professional/organisation

    - David Golding - Head of Procurement, JLL
  • Congratulations on a superb event! A well worked agenda with relevant content and an invaluable opportunity to meet with a senior audience in an environment as stunning and inspiring as the Celtic Manor.Throughout my esteemed career I have attended more events than I care to recall, but this one really stands for me as being amongst the best! I would like to thank the team at GBE for their diligence and commitment to creating a outstanding event from start to finish. Thanks

    - Shane Stowells - Sales Director, Tangoe
  • Having been a salesperson for over 20 years I have been to many networking events over the years and I have to say, this has got to be one of the best! It was well managed from the outset but the calibre of attendees was far superior and the timings of all meetings were kept. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who is serious about networking and lead generation. Looking forward to the next one!

    - Greta Read - Business Development, Pickfords

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