3 Things we learned this week

3 Things we learned this week

27th Mar 2020

3 Things we learned this week - Friday 27th March 2020

After a full week of the majority of employees being advised to work from home, several high profile events being postponed and more to potentially follow suit and stricter restrictions being placed on movement around the UK, it can be impossible to keep up with every news story occurring at the moment. Therefore, here are 3 things we learned this week.


1) Lockdown of stores & restaurants

Since last week several companies with the means to do so have been closing their offices to allow normal business to continue from the confines of employee’s homes. However, the more outward-facing industries such as hospitals, call centres, pubs and restaurants are not so lucky, as closing for good could cost them a great deal. Although, given the circumstances, they could lose a lot more than money by not taking the required steps.


After all sit down restaurants and pubs were forced to close their doors on Friday 20th, several other big-name locations not affected by this rule took the decision to stop business this week, including McDonald’s, KFC and Primark. While big supermarkets remain open to keep people stocked up with the essentials, the hope is that with these major stores closing high streets and highly populated areas will continue to diminish.


So while more and more people are being sent home to self isolate and protect themselves, spare a thought for those who aren’t so lucky. Today modern-day soldiers who continue to risk their lives and leave their houses to keep us all going in this time of panic and uncertainty,


2) Police fines for unnecessary trips

As part of efforts to persuade people to stay at home and not venture out for anything besides supplies, police are being given the right to fine people on the roads for simply being on the road unless they are travelling to work or to the shops.


With Mother’s day just passing it was a hard time for many people not being able to speak to or even see their mothers, showing their affection and admiration for the women that raised them and cared for them. While government advice attempted to encourage people to celebrate in other ways, many chose to ignore this and ventured out regardless, which in some ways is admirable, but in others could cause issues further down the line.


As a result, those who are still having to travel to work and having to give evidence of this fact, including signed letters and emails as proof of their need to be on the roads. However as the crisis deepens, our roads seem to be growing quieter day by day.


3) Prince Charles tests positive

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began in early December it has spread across the world and it has become clear that no matter where you are, who you are or how well you can protect yourself, this virus can affect anyone of us. While some will argue the news of Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife contracting the virus while Hanks was filming in Australia brought the fear front and centre to our consciousness, they are not alone as high profile cases.


Figures from politics, film and TV and sport have all been announced as having contracted COVID-19 as the cases swept and grew across Europe and the rest of the world. However this week it was announced that even those from the most powerful corners of society are not immune as Prince Charles revealed that he too had tested positive for the coronavirus.


We, of course, wish the Prince and all those around the world a full and speedy recovery and hope that we all treat this news as a warning against believing that this overarching story is merely hype. Almost half a million people have now tested positive with over 21,000 losing their lives. Don’t be a hero. We can get through this together if we act smart and stay safe.

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