3 Things we learned this week

3 Things we learned this week

10th Apr 2020

3 Things we learned this week - Friday 10th April 2020

Easter weekend traditionally gives all of us a chance to take a break, be with the ones we love and reassess before we head towards the summer. Sadly this year the COVID-19 outbreak continues to slow down or halt everyone around the world, changing plans and throwing many things into chaos. To help keep up to date with what is happening in the world, here are three things we learned this week.


1) Boris taken into intensive care

After revealing last week that he had shown minor symptoms and later tested positive for the virus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital on Tuesday evening as his condition seemed to be worsening spending two nights in the Intensive Care Unit in an effort to alleviate the worst of his symptoms. Reports say the PM is recovering well and remains in high spirits.


In his stead Chancellor Rishi Sunak and First Secretary of State Dominic Raab have been seen more in the news updating reporters and the public as news develops. Sadly as now over 7,000 deaths in the UK have been confirmed as a result of coronavirus, the government is urging the public to go further with their efforts to self isolate and prevent the spread of the disease.


2) China reports day of no new deaths

The first case of COVID-19 or the coronavirus was reported in China back in December last year with the Wuhan region eventually becoming the first to be put on full quarantine in an attempt to keep the virus spreading across the globe. Since then more than 1.3 million people around the world have been diagnosed with more than 70,000 sadly dying as a result.


However, while areas around the world including areas of Wuhan itself are on lockdown, there has been one milestone. On Monday 6th April, while China reported 32 new cases of citizens being tested positive for the  virus, no new deaths had been confirmed, the first time this has been the case since January.


While it may seem insignificant, it does provide hope to all of us that the virus can be contained and the sad loss of life can be avoided. Restrictions around the world remain in place for the safety of all of us. If we are able to work together, we can see a way through the crisis and emerge stronger because of it.


3) Premier League players launch initiative to aid NHS

The footballing world has been at a standstill for a month now as all major competitions have been suspended, some cancelled altogether, and hope to finish the season as soon as physically and responsibility as possible, which included the moving of Euro 2020 to next summer to allow more time.


Much debate has been centred around the idea of Premier League players reducing their earnings to help teams survive the harsh times we are currently in. And after much debate it was announced that Premier League players have launched a "collective initiative" in an effort to support the NHS and other causes that are struggling to cope with the rise in cases across the UK.


In a statement posted on social media, the initiative has been put in place to "try and help, along with so many others in the country, to make a real difference". It is not yet known how much the initiative is set to raise, but now that a decision has been made it will be reassuring to know that much needed aid and support will be reaching the services that need it in the near future.

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