3 Things we learned this week

3 Things we learned this week

17th Apr 2020

3 Things we learned this week - Friday 17th April 2020

Another week of uncertainty, big decisions and heroic feats as some countries consider lowering restrictions, some tighten their grip on social distancing and cracks begin to show. Here are 3 things we learned this week.


Wuhan deaths increase upon review

It was reported recently that the death toll as a result of coronavirus in Wuhan province in China, the epicentre of the outbreak, had begun to level out with the number of cases dropping day by day. However, recent news has shown a massive jump from 3,300 to 4,600. The reasons given for this are due to the number of deaths occurring outside hospitals in the region and numbers being adjusted to reflect this.


However, certain leaders, including US President Donald Trump have accused the Chinese of covering up these numbers, while Chinese officials deny these accusations. Others like French President Emmanuel Macron have posed questions regarding China’s handling of the outbreak in the first place.


The Wuhan area has recently seen its lockdown restrictions eased after the people inside were quarantined for nearly 3 months following the first cases of COVID-19 being confirmed in the region.


Tour de France moved, US Open remains uncertain

The sporting world has seen many of its biggest summer events fall as a result of the outbreak with Euro 2020, the Summer Olympics and Wimbledon being cancelled or moved to 2021 out of fears for travel and health risks. And in the last week two more summer staples have announced how they plan to respond to these fears.


The world’s biggest cycling race the Tour de France, which was due to begin in late June and run until late July, is now set to take place from August 29th after restrictions of mass gatherings in France were extended into the summer months by the government. Whether spectator numbers will be affected or limited remains unknown as the race weaves its way through the country.


Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether the last Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, the US Open, due to take place from August 31st at Flushing Meadows, New York, will go ahead. Following the cancellation of the French Open and Wmbledon tournaments earlier in the year, some have questioned whether the tournament could take place behind closed doors, although organisers have stated that that plan remains ‘unlikely’.


UK veteran raises millions for the NHS

In one of the most heartwarming stories this week and of the whole outbreak, 99 year old UK war veteran Captain Tom Moore has been raising millions of pounds for the NHS by walking around his garden to stay active asking for donations via a JustGiving Page. By Friday, the former World War II captain reached £17 million as he completed his 100th lap of his property in Bedfordshire. 


Moore had originally hoped to raise a mere £1,000, but went on to unprecedented fame as over 800,000 people made donations to his page, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Duke of Cambridge Prince William led the tributes as Captain Moore prepare to celebrate his 100th birthday at the end of April.

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