Code 42

Code 42

21st Mar 2018


Richard Agnew, VP of Code42’s Europe North division will be a moderator in the Boardroom Discussion at our Oxford event, discussing: The conflicting challenge of data security and data collaboration in the era of Digital Transformation.

We are excited that one of our regular and loyalist sponsors, Code42 will be represented again at our upcoming event in Oxford.

Code42 is the leader in cloud-based endpoint data security and recovery, protecting more than 47,000 organizations worldwide such as Stanford University, Samsung, Juniper Networks, Pandora, TaylorMade and SanDisk. 

Code42 enables IT and security teams to centrally manage and protect critical data for some of the most recognized brands in business and education. From monitoring endpoint data movement and use to meeting data privacy regulations to simply and rapidly recovering from data incidents, Code42 is central to any organization’s data security strategy.

With four offices in the United States as well as in London, England and Munich, Germany, through continuous automatic collection via a lightweight agent on the device, Code42 protects every file on Mac, Windows and Linux laptops and desktops. Their platform enables IT, security and business teams to limit risk, meet data privacy regulations and recover from data loss, no matter the cause.

Code42 also meets its national obligations to comply with the EU WEE Directive to reduce electrical and electronic waste.

“With Code42, we have total confidence that all user data is safe. We don’t need to worry that users will be left dead in the water if a device crashes, or malware or ransomware hits.”
Dennis Magbata
Desktop Systems Supervisor, TaylorMade

“Our average time for a device migration was between 4-8 hours per refresh, now we’re able to get that time down to 30 minutes with Code42.”
Ben Molesworth
IT Engineer, Qualcomm

“Code42 is completely automatic, it’s rock-solid, and it gives IT the transparency and ease of use that is critical for ensuring complete data protection.”
Brian Anderson
IT Director, Boston University

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