Expansive FM

Expansive FM

4th Oct 2019



Expansive FM is a cloud-based property and facility maintenance solution which drives efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Our solution has been built with mobile-first technology and streamlines operations by providing a real-time, single view of an organisation’s entire estate.

Furthermore, users can instantly report or check the status of maintenance issues at their location from any device.


Some of the benefits are:-

  • Our solution is easy to use. Teams will see a reduction in emails, telephone calls and manual input tasks from the outset, which allows for both efficiency and savings.
  • Our platform drives down maintenance spend through effective planned maintenance and cost analysis insights.
  • We’re built for scale, both in terms of handling thousands of work orders per month without slowing down, and addressing challenges as you grow.
  • Our preventative maintenance calendar view gives an instant snapshot of your compliance status, budget, spend vs budget and spend YOY. On the reactive side, SLAs can be assigned to works and contractor invoices uploaded to give the business visibility of the spend at site/contractor/work category/asset level.
  • Delivering strategic insights with custom dashboards and reporting.


You can access a presentation by clicking the link below.


We look forward to speaking with delegates interested in introducing a mobile-first and frictionless CAFM solution.


To learn about our FMP event, visit here.

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