Nadeem Surve - New Book Announcement

Nadeem Surve - New Book Announcement

28th Aug 2019


Article by:Nadeem Surve

Nadeem Surve is a procurement professional with 17 years' experience in implementing procurement processes and systems.

As a passionate procurement professional with 20 years industrial experience, I have been fortunate to work for some of the big 4 consultancies and end-user clients on large-scale procurement and digital transformation programmes.  

Procurement and Digital Transformation seems to be the flavour of the last decade and senior procurement managers now look to technology to reduce costs and improve process and user efficiencies.  I have worked with many large organisations to support their transformation journeys and implement procurement systems to bring business benefits and achieve their procurement initiatives.

My new book titled 'How to Successfully Transform Procurement into the Cloud: Procurement Made Easy with 5 Simple Steps to Success' (to be available shortly) helps organisations to understand what should be considered when looking to kick off a procurement transformation journey.  The five steps include: Define a Procurement Roadmap, Define Procurement Processes, Stakeholder & Business Case, Select a Procurement Tool and Change, Training & Deployment.  

From industry, I have experienced many behaviours, cultural differences and challenges that relate directly to procurement transformation and through my new book, I have looked to address them.  This book gives some very good insights including top ten tips for corporate procurement that are looking to embark on a procurement transformation journey.

The book is second in the series of 'How To' books published by me.  The first book titled ‘How to Implement A Successful Procurement System: Implement a procurement system with a simple, 5-step process' was published in 2017.


For more details, the books are available on Amazon, and there is more information on my personal profile on my website


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