NearForm Webinar

NearForm Webinar

8th May 2019


Just us for a webinar hosted by Clare Dillon, Head of Strategic Partnerships at NearForm

Creating an Environment for Accelerated Innovation 


Webinar hosted by Clare Dillon, Head of Strategic Partnerships at NearForm
Date: Thursday 20th June 2019
Time: 15:30 GMT


Our panel will discuss:

  • Why innovation stalls and obstacles to avoid
  • When and how to disrupt your existing delivery model
  • How much should enterprise IT think and act like a start-up
  • Risk and reward of open source solutions and methodologies
  • IT redesign: best practice, winning approaches and getting your board on board


The role of IT in the organisation is not just about technology and solutions anymore, it’s about agility and speed and the way of ‘doing’ IT to become dynamic responsive service providers to the business. The evolving business-oriented strategic role of the CIO as they transition into innovation leaders is not new but as businesses strive to remain competitive in an increasingly automated and digital world, the CIO has a growing multi focus on not just technology implementation but people and processes too.

Together with Clare Dillon, Head of Strategic Partnerships at NearForm, we’ll hear from organisations who have witnessed and those who have undergone successful transformation of their culture through re-thinking of their approach to people and in-demand skills; to processes and methodologies for continuous development; and to technology alternatives and sources of innovation.



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