What is a Digital Boardroom

What is a Digital Boardroom

17th Mar 2020


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In the 20th century the modern office space was the norm. Dozens or even hundreds of employees spread across one floor working together towards a common goal with the ability to speak to anyone present as simple as yelling across the room.


Since the turn of the century though with the rise of IT and technology, people’s physical presence is slowly diminishing with more and more being able to work from home or remotely while travelling on laptops, phones and tablets.


And the way we absorb information and communicate with colleagues and other members of the community has changed too. From video calls to be able to see who you’re speaking to, video tutorials providing information on a set topic, to the rise of webinars/TED talks allowing senior-level executives to learn and engage with like minded people. And the next step from that would be the Digital Boardroom. 


GB Intelligence leverages the experience of its global community to create a world-class platform of end-user driven academia which helps executives make the right decisions for their organisations.


Our Digital Boardrooms are an excellent way to communicate to our community through online conversations. Each Digital Boardroom will provide thought-leading discussions with senior-level executives, all connected digitally and supported by our in-house team. 


Much like a normal boardroom discussion at any event, one speaker leads between 8-12 other attendees on a journey through the many layers of a chosen topic, encouraging all those in attendance to have their say and hopefully helping all those involved to learn about new ways of working they may not have considered in their organisation.


Digital Boardrooms hosted by ourselves include a targeting pre-marketing campaign through our dedicated Delegate Acquisition and Marketing teams beginning weeks prior to the event to ensure those in attendance are interested in the topic and fit the criteria of your target market.


As part of the package, the event will boast a dedicated landing page on our main website, invite-only mail outs to Tier 1 and Tier 2 senior-level executives specific to the host's needs and requirements and the contact details of those executives in attendance during the event. And to assist you in formulating an engaging and thought-provoking topic, our highly experienced production team are always on hand to discuss your needs.


The aim of the Digital Boardroom is to help those presenting create lead generation by providing them with the contact information of those in attendance allowing the conversation to continue far beyond the hour-long presentation.


If you are interested in receiving more information or a call back regarding hosting your own Digital Boardroom, click the link here.

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