Blueliv is Europe’s leading cyberthreat intelligence provider, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. We look beyond your perimeter, scouring the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence to protect the enterprise and manage your digital risk. Covering the broadest range of threats on the market, a pay-as-you need modular architecture means customers receive streamlined, cost-effective intelligence delivered in real-time, backed by our world-class in-house analyst team. Intelligence modules are scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use, maximizing security resource while accelerating threat detection, incident response performance and forensic investigations. Blueliv is recognized across the industry by analysts including Gartner and Forrester, and has earned multiple awards for its technology and services including ‘Security Company of the Year 2019’ by Red Seguridad, Enterprise Security and Enterprise Threat Detection 2018 category winners by, in addition to holding affiliate membership of FS-ISAC for several years.


Retail whitepaper 2019: The internet has changed the way that goods and services are bought and sold. The retail and e-commerce sector continues to undergo rapid transformation as consumer expectation increases. This whitepaper focuses on the issues that confront the C-suite in retail and e-commerce today, including sector-specific threats against which organizations should defend themselves.

The Credential Theft Ecosystem: there is a growing industry in the cybercriminal ecosystem focused on obtaining valid credentials using multiple mechanisms and tools. All it takes is a single good credential to gain access to an organization and cause havoc. This report provides a powerful reference document to help readers understand the lifecycle of a credential and take the first step in closing the door to cybercriminals.

Managing cyber risk: For data guardians in the insurance arena, managing cyber-risk is like managing clients’ risk. It is not a binary of whether you get attacked or not, but a spectrum of how likely it is an attack will happen. Targeted at security leaders across sectors, this report provides evergreen intelligence on targeted threats and advice around where action should be taken.

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