MJF is a UK wide organisation, with four divisions, which aim to maximise business potential and performance. We’ve operated in the UK since 1989, in: Furniture, Design & Build, Relocation and Records Management.
Today, we work with hundreds of organisations in a variety of public and private sectors including: Harrods, Horizon, TK Maxx, Thames Water, Cardiff University, Gilead Pharmaceuticals and many more.




Join us for ‘The Living Office – new landscape of work’ seminar on Tuesday 19th April, at Celtic Manor Resort

In businesses around the world the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. The tools of work are changing. The work itself is changing. There is a new landscape of work. We are working with the world's leading thinkers and designers to apply a greater understanding of people-how we think, how we are motivated, and how we create and collaborate-to this new landscape of work. In this seminar we will share our approach to how to manage our work, the tools and technologies that enable us, and the places where we come together to do it.








Everybody's Human

Through research, Herman Miller identified six fundamental needs that all people share: security, autonomy, belonging, achievement, status and purpose. Living Office is designed to harness our innate motivations to fulfil these needs; it's a place where every element feels right.

Everybody's Different

By recognising that individuals and organisations have their own unique purpose, character, and activities, Living Office transforms the workplace into a powerful instrument that expresses an organisation's unique culture and progresses its unique ambitions.


Accessories, benching, break-out, café, collaborative, desking, executive, learning and seating to suit you




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