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Silver Peak delivers the true transformational promise of the cloud with its unique business-first networking model. Powered by the Silver Peak self-driving wide area network (SD-WAN) platform, companies are finally liberated from the compromises of router-centric and basic SD-WAN approaches to transform the network into a business accelerant, rather than a constraint.


What we do

Forward-thinking executives from thousands of companies around the world rely on Silver Peak and its leadership in SD-WAN and WAN Edge Infrastructure to achieve success in a multi-cloud era. Silver Peak powers a new business-first networking model where top-down business intent is the driver, not bottoms-up technology constraints. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™, the self-driving wide area network platform, is outcome oriented, utilizing automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to get smarter every day. Through continuous adaptation, and the ability to improve the performance of underlying transport and applications, EdgeConnect delivers uninterrupted user access to applications and ongoing alignment with business intent. 


How we do it

Delivering the ultimate quality of experience for IT and end-users, EdgeConnect uniquely enables enterprises to benefit from the highest quality performance of business-critical applications, including, for example, voice and video over broadband. By providing high network and application availability and resiliency, IT spends less time troubleshooting network and application bottlenecks and fielding support/help desk calls day and night. Designed-as-one in a unified platform, EdgeConnect simplifies operations while centralized orchestration and provides complete observability of your entire WAN through a single pane of glass.


Why we’re different

With more than 1,000 enterprise production deployments around the world, the Silver Peak self-driving wide area network platform drives unprecedented levels of business success, uniquely fueled by these four key differentiators:



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