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Taulia and Greensill

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Who we are:
Taulia and Greensill combine world-class technology with cutting-edge finance. The result is a true FinTech where our customers achieve superior working capital outcomes for themselves and their suppliers.

What we do:
Taulia and Greensill are leading providers of working capital solutions. With a combination of cutting-edge financing and game-changing technology supply chains are transformed. Together we unlock capital so our clients can put it to work. 

How we do it:
Taulia and Greensill apply the tools, technology and techniques of SCF to provide access to capital that is faster, less costly and more efficient than other providers. With greater levels of transparency and full integration into back-office systems this end-to-end collaboration provides buyers and suppliers peace of mind. 

How we make a difference:
Taulia and Greensill are changing finance so our clients can change the world.  Together we are transforming supply chains by creating access to game-changing technology and cutting-edge finance. We make capital available to every supplier along the supply chain – from the smallest SME to the largest multinational. 

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